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Jul 13, 2006 12:01 PM

Niche Coffee and Tea on the Danforth

This is a great new cafe at 1364 Danforth, north side between Greenwood and Coxwell. Just in appearance alone, it raises the bar for that stretch of the Danforth. Good selection of baked goods, but also some interesting sweet sandwiches - love the grilled cinnamon challah stuffed with cream cheese. They also have savoury panini and, a muffulata - haven't tried these but hear good things. The owner and staff are eager to please but professional.

They also have their own signature coffee blends and you can buy beans. But I can't comment on the coffee because I am in love with their REAL iced tea, that is BREWED.TO.ORDER. The best iced tea I've had in town, you can select from any of their kinda-fancy tea varieties.

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  1. The coffee is good. I've had both the decaf which they make fresh for you with the espresso machine(and it's still hard to get a good cup of decaf at other coffee shops) and the Danforth blend. We so desperately need more business like Niche along this stretch of Danforth!

    1. Googled to see if they have a website... they do!

      You're right hoagy... this is exactly what our area needs.

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        Thanks for the website. Niche is just a little out of my way but I am going to do my best to go there because I've learned I need to support the places I love.

      2. Excellent! that's my area and I'd love to have another coffee place around. Not much there other than 3's company.

        1. There is apparently another coffee shop opening a bit further east of Coxwell on Danforth, by Zili Otto and Lee's Thai Spring Rolls. I don't know when it will open though.

          1. I had a friend visiting from out of town on Sunday who LOVES iced tea, so I took her to Niche. The staff couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating as we smelled all of their tea blends and tasted each of the coffees that they had at the ready that afternoon. I had a PBT (crispy pancetta, fresh basil leaves and sliced red and yellow tomatoes on toasted whole wheat bread) and a latte, which were both great. My friend thought the herbal iced tea that they brewed on the spot for her was excellent. When they asked how we had heard about them, they were amazed that I was the third person that day to stop in and say that I had heard about them on this board.