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Jul 13, 2006 11:46 AM

Any been to Buenos Aires?

Considering going on Friday, wanted to know about the quality of the food and prices.

Thank in advance

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  1. it's not bad. it can get packed, even on a weeknight (or at least did two months ago when i went), so a reservation is a good idea.

    the steaks are good quality for the money. this isn't going to replace a steakhouse outing, but is worth the $15. the steak to get is the skirt steak. it's thicker than you would think and has a lot more flavor than the other cuts there.

    the fries are good, if a bit different (really thick but nice and crispy on the outside).

    i don't think it's as good as azul bistro, however.

    1. I think it is far superior to Azul. The empanadas are fantastic (try the chicken with raisins and olives), the steaks are hearty and inexpensive while being of good quality (the steak for two is fantastic - I forget the Argentinian name), the fries provencal are addictive, the morcilla AMAZING, and the panqueqas for dessert are sublime if you like dulce de leche. The wine list is reasonable, too.

      A couple of low points - the mixed grill for one is big enough for two, but the kidneys and sweetbreads are a bit lackluster. They sometimes burn the panqueqas - it's worth asking them not to burn it to much with the press, and the sangria is just OK. (Thankfully they have a great Argentine wine list.)

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        i'll have to try the steak for 2 at it like the version at azul (marinated with oil, rosemary, etc...served on a sizzling grill and mostly raw when it comes out to your table)?

        1. re: mas

          No - it's just a simply grilled steak. I'd have to say that it had the most flavor I've had in a steak in a long while, only bested by actual Argentine beef down in Miami. (When will we start seeing Argentine beef in NYC now that it's legal to import again?)

        2. re: lambretta76

          Lambretta, I almost always agree with you but I have a different take on BA.

          I thought the food was OK but not outstanding. The ham and cheese empanada app was bland and boring. My GF and I both had the ribeye as the main course. The portion was substantial but the flavor seemed lacking and the meat more chewy than I'd expect from this cut. Sometimes the flaws of lower quality meat can be covered by marinating or spicing. Even the chimichurri sauce that came on the side couldn't help these steaks out.

          My GF basically felt the same way I did but liked her starter a good deal more - "... I started with the polpo which came in a little stew pot and it was really lovely stuff. Tender and tasty, I would go back there for that dish alone."

          On the positive side the wine list was extensive and reasonably priced. We had a respectable malbec with the meal. Service was fine as well and the overall menu prices were extremely friendly - a dinner with starters, mains, wine, and tip ran to about $95.00. No wonder it's crowded.

          I'd go back but I'd order differently. If you're in the area it's worth a shot.

          I've only been to Azul once but I liked it a lot more.