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Jul 13, 2006 10:30 AM

Dinner at or near the Astoria Beer Garden?

I will be at the Astoria Beer Garden this Saturday and was wondering if I should eat dinner there or what the other options are near there, nothing fancy please. I have never been to Astoria and am really excited about finally going there!

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  1. There is the Kabab Cafe on Steinway, about a 7 minute walk from the beer garden.

    1. I'd just stick with a crisp, charred kielbasa from the grill with some sauerkraut and lots of mustard. You get it as part of a plate with soggy, lackluster fries and two pieces of standard rye bread. Consider it a bar snack, and go somewhere else for din-din.

      I was there last Saturday for the Germany/Portugal soccer match and had a wonderful time- casual, great family-friendly environment with a TON of people from Brooklyn, actually. I checked out the pierogi, roast pork special (wasn't roasted, was more of a stew...)and the schnizel. None of them were too compelling. Most people were going the kielbasa/burger route and a few health-minded ordered up grilled portabella mushrooms.

      I just "tasted" everything and went to Artopolis afterwards for a thiple/galactaboureko binge!