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Jul 13, 2006 07:16 AM

Vegan in Berkeley?

I recently returned from a 7 year trip abroad and I am vegan. There are many new-ish places and I'm looking for something that serves vegan food. I know a lot of Indian places do a vegetarian thing and I'm really trying to avoid the white-bread-and-mustard rut that I almost fell in to while in London. Anyone know of good places that (also) cater to vegans? I live in Berkeley and that would be best but anywhere around the Bay Area would be fine. I've tried looking on line like at citysearch but the list was unsatisfactory. So I'm enlisting your help, chowhounds! Please advise!


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  1. I think Cha Ya on Shattuck, near Virginia, has a lot of vegan choices. It is a vegetarian sushi/Japanese restaurant. I think also the vegetarian Chinese place on Vine, just below Shattuck is Vegan, but I could be wrong.

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      yep - cha ya. i'm a vegan and it's incredible.

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        Both Cha Ya and Vegi Food (the place on Vine) are entirely vegan.

      2. There's Cafe Gratitude, which is also raw food.

        1. Cha Ya is totally vegan and not bad.

          Udupi Palace on University and MLK is vegetarian, but has many vegan choices and will also make the thali meal combo vegan if requested.

          Lanesplitter Pizza, locations in Berkeley and Oakland, offered vegan fake cheese on their pizzas last time I checked. Haven't tried the stuff so don't know if it's good or otherwise.

          Pasta Shop, locations in Berkeley and Oakland, is a deli/grocery with many yummy offerings some of which are vegan and quite tasty, esp. the tofu salad.

          Also Ristorante Raphael, which is kosher Italian, has some vegan selections marked on the menu.

          In Oakland Downtown (8th & Broadway?), there is New World Vegetarian which is entirely vegan except for the Thai iced tea.

          I found the following site which may be useful as a starting point, however call first as I recognize at least one place that is definitely out of business.

          As you probably realize, you will probably have the most success with East Asian places.

          1. Fellini on University does a good vegan pizza. You can even get one topped w/ fake sausage and pepperoni, if you like.

            Lots of breakfast orientated places have tofu scrambles (Rick and Ann's and Homemade Cafe are two that I can think of off the top of my head).

            Rice and bean burritos are a popular vegan option. Most of the refried beans 'round these parts are not vegetarian, but the whole beans are almost always suitable, you just need to ask. Some rice is cooked in chicken stock, so you need to ask about that, too. We usually go to Picante on 6th because the kids like it a lot. They have a whole seperate vegetarian menu and it indicates things which are vegan.

            This is probably the easiest city in the world to be vegan in, so you should have no problems eating well and often.

            1. Cha-Ya's good. I'm an omnivore but I eat there once in a while because I like the food.

              Lanesplitter makes vegan pizza. Never tried one but their regular pizza's good.

              Many of the vegetarian dishes at Ethiopian places are vegan. Try Cafe Colucci.

              Cheese Board Pizza is vegan any day they don't use cheese.

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                I've never seen Cheese Board serve a pizza without cheese on it, except for by custom order, and I've tried every one of their pizzas.