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Jul 13, 2006 06:41 AM


There's a new restaurant in the Sofitel hotel, called Simon. Has anyone been there? The menu sounds interesting.

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  1. I'm going this weekend. I'll report back.

    1. We had lunch there today and it was very nice. It's a fairly standard menu, but everything was well-executed and service was good. Standouts were the well-done fries (the way I like them), tuna dynamite appetizer, gazpacho with avocado, lobster roll, and very light but tasty seared ahi salad. I also gobbled up the yummy pretzel roll and corn bread in the bread basket. The restaurant is very pretty, all green, in contrast to the huge lounge's brown tones. Of course there was an older guy wearing ugly shorts and a saggy polo shirt. Very nice to see when you're paying $18 for a little salad. Since it's a hotel restaurant with trendy pretensions, of course prices are commensurate.

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        Thanks, Chowpatty. Now I really want to check it out. Ipsedixit, did you like your experience?

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          Not really, I'll do a write-up later.

      2. The restaurant is named after Chef Kerry Simon. His restaurant in Las Vegas is really good, he worked under Jon Georges. I didn't even know that place existed...going to make plans to go there.