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pizza in reno

I decided that since we long ago stopped talking about just Ciao, it was only fair to change the header. I want to start with a disclaimer: I am NOT a pizza fan. I don't know if its just that I've never been exposed to the good stuff or what, but I only eat pizza when those around me insist on going out for it or ordering it in. So I am the last one to trust for opinions. But I do know that the pizza at Ciao was a revelation to me...and if there are other places that serve something similar I certainly want to know. So, Steve asked about pizza in Reno..what about Blue Moon? Anyone have any opinions...especially the new store on California?? I would glady participate in a pizza-off, if only to meet new chowhound friends in Reno.

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  1. We're talking about a lot of pizza places. How do we want to do this? If we went as a group we could maybe do three in a night, right? Order a small or medium pizza at each place.

    1. Depending on the size of the group, we could each pick up one or two pies and descend on a picnic area at a park somewhere and go to town.

      1. the picnic area thing might work, except then the pizza might get a little cold. going to places consecutively would be sloooowwwww......

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          No colder than a delivery pizza might be. It'll require a bit of logistical forethought, but I think we can pull it off. Nice to meet you by the way...I love your name. I knew of Reverend Andy from another board I used to frequent, but I look forward to meeting the Reno chow contingent at some point.

        2. Well, the Reno contingent that posts to the board regularly could meet in a Toyota Camry.
          GEtting the pizzas and converging on a spot sounds like the way to go. Is two pizzas per person doable? If so, let's figure out how many people are taking part and what date is a good date. Let's discuss the details in emails. Email me at renochowhounder@yahoo.com and we'll get this rolling.

          1. Here's the nomination list so far. What should be added?
            Ciao Reno
            Nu Yalk Pizza
            Halfway Club
            Blue Moon
            Should we stick with pepperoni and mushroom?
            If we don't come up with more pizzas, maybe we could do one pizza for most everyone.

            1. I added Carella's to the list. I can't believe I forgot about that. Carella's and Nu Yalk pizza are my two favorite pizza places in the Truckee Meadows. At least before Ciao Reno opened. Maybe we should add Bella Serra too.

              1. Where is Carella's? Never heard of it. and I've lived in the Reno area for over 25 years!!!

                1. My enthusiasm for this endeavor begins to flag when I read that the front runners are places that I've written off as pretty subpar. I am, however, absolutely on board and open to whatever nominees emerge. I have a vested interest in helping choose a triumphant winner.

                  1. What about Blind Onion? I'd be in if we can include that. Blue Moon is pretty good pizza - I like their selection of toppings. I like Blind Onion's crust more than Blue Moon's, though.

                    1. Carella's is next to Long's on Vista.
                      I also forgot JJ's Pie Company. I last had pizza there last year. It was okay, but I don't think it's in the same league as the others.

                      1. oh! can i be part of the reno chowhounder gang?? don't care for blind onion - don't like the crust. i mentioned jj's earlier, crust is just okay, but love the valdez. oh - and one more of my fav pizzas...tj's frozen pizza...especially the one with goat cheese! lastly, my 2 cents on getting pizza to-go...it gets cold, fast...

                        1. The days have been in the high 90s and you're worried about cold pizza? Anyway, what's wrong with cold pizza? It's practically a sub genre in and of itself.

                          1. IMO, picking up pizzas and meeting in 1 spot doesn't do justice to the pizza. I've found many pizzas subpar when delivered but delicious when eaten fresh out of the oven. The cheese may get rubbery or the crust soggy. In Chicago, the hounds periodcally would have an Italian beefathon, or ribathon, etc. Make a list, start with the joint that opens earliest, and proceed from there. This would be done on a weekend day when most people aren't working. For me, a Saturday is the only day I could participate. Does 12+ hours of pizza sound so bad?

                            1. As an aside, most of the chowhounds I knew in Chicago got tired of the restraints on Chowhounds and moved to a board called LTHForum. If this post doesn't get pulled, check out
                              http://www.lthforum.com/bb/index.php It covers more varied topics, and is much less censored. Is the new Chowhound board and management actually improved and more openminded? We shall see.

                              1. I agree that a half hour between the time a pizza is cooked and its available can do a lot. I think maybe the way to do this is to divide it up and go in groups of at least three. It would take a couple of different weekends to do it.
                                HOw do people feel about that?

                                1. Steve, I hate to think that Reno people are a bunch of lightweights. Chicago did a 12 hour pizzathon starting at 11:00 A.M. Reno isn't a big a city, with less ground to cover. No more than an hour, and probably less, would be required at each place, without much travel time. 6 places are easily doable, with possibly more, if necessary.

                                  1. Okay, I'm up for it.
                                    I would withdraw my nomination of Casale's Halfway Club. While I like it personnally, and I can't think of a better place in town to get pizza and ravioli, I don't think it's going to get many votes for best pizza in Reno.

                                    Ciao Reno
                                    Nu Yalk Pizza
                                    Blue Moon
                                    Blind Onion
                                    Should we add JJ's Pie Company or Bella Serra?
                                    There's supposed to be one on King's Row at McCarran that's pretty good. And some radio DJ likes one near McCarran and West Fourth, but I think it's take-out or delivery only.

                                    1. I've tried a couple of these places this weekend. The place at Kings Row and McCarran is Blind Onion. The Blind Onion downtown is their second Reno location.

                                      1. ok, everyone who's been reading: email Steve and let him know when we might get together to try some of these. You're making me hungry, and I don't even like pizza all that much:-) BTW, has anyone tried Elite Pizza (or something like that) in the Mayberry Landing near Walden's? (corner of Mayberry and McCarran)? The reason I ask: we went to one of the Artown concerts the other night, and ran into some friends who were eating pizza from there. I was too polite to ask for a taste (they only had a small)...but it looked good: thin, crispy crust, and some fresh herbs on top.

                                        1. So far Janet and Andy have expressed interest. IF anyone else wants to do it, email me at renochowhounder@yahoo.com.
                                          Janet, are you up for trying five or six in one day?
                                          If it's going to be us three, maybe we can narrow it down.

                                          1. I've tried the place on Mayberry landing - it's behind Walden's. It's reasonable pizza (I like a thicker crust, but that's personal preference), nice selection of toppings, service is rather slow. Their salads are quite good.

                                            1. Okay, Wendy is interested as well. CoolerByTheLake, are you in?
                                              Anyone who is interested, email me at renochowhounder@yahoo.com
                                              From what I can tell, Aug. 12, a Saturday, looks like the best date.
                                              Does that jibe with everyone's calendars?
                                              Also, in addition to picking the best pizza, I think we should rate the pizzas by different categories:
                                              Meat toppings
                                              Non-meat toppings
                                              Anyone disagree with that? Are there other categories to consider?
                                              The reason I bring this up is because ZPizza may have the best toppings I've ever had on pizza, but I don't like their crust. Crust is critical to good pizza. And while ZPizza's mozarella was outstanding, I thought the cheddar cheese tasted spoiled.
                                              So let's figure out which pizza places we want to rate.

                                              1. It's Eclipse Pizza in Mayberry Landing - it's good and they have some really interesting toppings (like macadamia nuts!). My preference is thin crust, so I was happy. Service is kinda slow...

                                                1. Looks like the 12th doesn't work with Andy. How about Aug. 19?

                                                  1. I'll need to sit this one out. I will, however, be observing the outcome from afar and with great interest. Good luck, pizza test pilots. May the roof of your mouth never be blistered by scalding sauce.

                                                    1. Well, Wendyrn dropped out too. I think we'll have to reschedule. Is there a better date for everyone?

                                                        1. We have this planned for Sept. 2 in Reno, a Saturday. So far Janet and RevAndy have confirmed. Wendyrn was a maybe. If anyone else is interested, please email me at renochowhounder@yahoo.com.
                                                          Have we decided which pizza places we want to check out?

                                                          1. My only vote is Ciao. It's the only pizza I've had in Reno.

                                                            1. am anxiously awaiting the crawl results!
                                                              We'll be in town for the air races Sun Sept 17 and we're always looking for someplace in Reno to eat afterwards--we're all starving by that time. Sometimes its the all you can eat sushi place (h-m-m-m....) or Mi Casa 2. I'd love to find a great pizza place!

                                                              You wouldn't want to move the date back would you....? :)
                                                              just kidding, but please, lots of detail in your reports!

                                                              1. I just moved to Reno a year ago from Michigan. The _only_ disappointment has been the pizza in Reno, which by midwest standards is dreadful. Two problems I see consistantly:

                                                                (1) Altitude is not being adjusted for in recipes

                                                                (2) Ovens seem to be running in the 500 degree range - not hot enough

                                                                The result is a pizza with poorly risen crust and a cross section of the crust reveals dough that is not cooked all the way. We get this nearly everywhere.

                                                                Here's what have made our grade:

                                                                - Ciao

                                                                - Pizzatta appetizer at La Famiglia (downtown @ First & Lake)

                                                                - Claim Jumper (no kidding!)

                                                                All the rest mentioned here we've tried and none have received a passing grade by our palettes. Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited.

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                                                                1. re: GrandWazoo

                                                                  can you describe how to get to Ciao from the main hiway from Reno to Stead (395?)

                                                                  (edit) and are the pizzas standard size or individual mini's? any idea of prices? We'll be with a guy who is a bottomless pit and likes a "deal", though we'll be paying. We'll also be grimy and windblown from a day outdoors. Is this a fancy-schamncey place?
                                                                  Just looking for some real good pizza.


                                                                  1. re: toodie jane

                                                                    It's not suit and tie formal, but yes it's kind of elegant. I wouldn't feel comfortable going there grimy and windblown. The pizzas are larger than minis, about the size of a small pizza at most pizza places. They're about $15 each, so not much of a deal.
                                                                    So it doesn't sound like the place based on those two points. To get there from U.S. 395, go south until you reach the Neil Road exit. Get off and go to South Virginia Street and turn right (south) and it will be on your right hand side near the Lithia Volkswagen dealership.
                                                                    For real good pizza that's more casual, try Nu Yalk Pizza at Moana and Kietzke. Go down U.S. 395 and get off on the Moana Exit, turn right (west) and it's at the southwest corner of Moana and Kietzke a few blocks away.

                                                                    1. re: SteveTimko

                                                                      thank you, steve. sounds e-z off and e-z on!

                                                                      Will be trying the tamale ladies in CC too if they're still there.I just found a newish tamale shop near home and am on a tamale search, far and wide.

                                                                      1. re: toodie jane

                                                                        I raved about her salsa at first, but found out when I went back that she apparently just scooped it off the top. It's still good salsa, but quite conventional.

                                                                2. Looks like this is going to be postphoned again.
                                                                  Anyone have a better weekend towards the end of September or in October?

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                                                                  1. re: SteveTimko

                                                                    The last weekend in September will be the earliest date for me.

                                                                  2. Is Saturday, Sept. 30, a good day for everyone? This is still a go?
                                                                    Email me at renochowhounder@yahoo.com

                                                                    1. Looks like we'll be starting at 5:15 p.m. at Carella's in Sparks. Does that sound good?

                                                                        1. A reno group that meets to eat? Cool.