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Jul 13, 2006 06:35 AM

pizza in reno

I decided that since we long ago stopped talking about just Ciao, it was only fair to change the header. I want to start with a disclaimer: I am NOT a pizza fan. I don't know if its just that I've never been exposed to the good stuff or what, but I only eat pizza when those around me insist on going out for it or ordering it in. So I am the last one to trust for opinions. But I do know that the pizza at Ciao was a revelation to me...and if there are other places that serve something similar I certainly want to know. So, Steve asked about pizza in Reno..what about Blue Moon? Anyone have any opinions...especially the new store on California?? I would glady participate in a pizza-off, if only to meet new chowhound friends in Reno.

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  1. We're talking about a lot of pizza places. How do we want to do this? If we went as a group we could maybe do three in a night, right? Order a small or medium pizza at each place.

    1. Depending on the size of the group, we could each pick up one or two pies and descend on a picnic area at a park somewhere and go to town.

      1. the picnic area thing might work, except then the pizza might get a little cold. going to places consecutively would be sloooowwwww......

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          No colder than a delivery pizza might be. It'll require a bit of logistical forethought, but I think we can pull it off. Nice to meet you by the way...I love your name. I knew of Reverend Andy from another board I used to frequent, but I look forward to meeting the Reno chow contingent at some point.

        2. Well, the Reno contingent that posts to the board regularly could meet in a Toyota Camry.
          GEtting the pizzas and converging on a spot sounds like the way to go. Is two pizzas per person doable? If so, let's figure out how many people are taking part and what date is a good date. Let's discuss the details in emails. Email me at and we'll get this rolling.

          1. Here's the nomination list so far. What should be added?
            Ciao Reno
            Nu Yalk Pizza
            Halfway Club
            Blue Moon
            Should we stick with pepperoni and mushroom?
            If we don't come up with more pizzas, maybe we could do one pizza for most everyone.