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Jul 13, 2006 06:30 AM

Best place in SF to buy raw fish for sushi, sashimi

I'm hankering for some fresh raw fish, various kinds.
I want to buy some from a good fish market that deals in high quality raw fish and shellfish and UNI. Where do sushi chefs in SF go for their raw fish every morning?

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  1. Yum Yum on Irving is one possibility.
    I used it once, but it was a while back.
    The fish was very good.
    I am not sure if they do shellfish.

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    1. if you are willing to travel, tokyo fish on san pablo in berkeley is excellent

      1. I agree that Tokyo Fish is really good and the prices are pretty excellent as well. My parents and grandparents will only eat sashimi from Tokyo Fish.

        1. Another vote for Tokyo Fish. Quality, selection, and price can't be beat.

          1. There are two markets in Japantown that sell sashimi. Go to Nijiya Market (1737 Post) first and take a look, then go to Uoki Sakai (1656 Post), you'll probably find it the better of the two.