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Jul 13, 2006 05:19 AM

Snake & Cactus

Is there any restaurant in LA with snake on its menu? Also which Mexican restaurants/taco stands in LA serve cactus aka nopales? Thanks! Looking forward to the replies.

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  1. The snake salad at Phong Dinh, 2643 North San Gabriel Boulevard in Rosemead, is terrific.

    Tho I don't pay a lot of attention to the dish, my sense is that most Mex restos serve nopales/napolitos in some form or other. Give your fav a call & find out.

    1. Phong Dinh is great. So is the service but the catfish is the thing to get there. I thought the snake salad which comes minced could have ben any meat.

      1. The nopales salad at Loteria Grill at Farmers Market is pretty nice. I think they have other dishes with it as well.

        1. Does Phong Dinh have other snake dishes other than salad, I wonder? Thanks for the rec!

          Loteria sounds great. I'll check it out.

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          1. re: DeliciousRhino

            Yes, Phong Dinh makes a mean curry dish with snake (cobra, actually).

            Also, if the kitchen has it on hand (I've asked numerous times and have it only once), they also offer a snake hot pot.

            Never tried the snake salad, next time maybe ...

          2. Plenty of places serve nopales: Gueleguetza (I like the Koreatown one), La Parilla (any of the locations), La Casita Mexicana in Bell (my favorite Mexican restaurant at the moment), etc. are the first ones to spring to mind.