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Jul 13, 2006 04:37 AM

Brownies for a Luau

I am going to my office's Luau next week and have signed up to bring brownies. I know it is an odd thing to bring to a Luau but we have highly organized potlucks and we can only bring what is on the prescribed menu. All I can think of is frosted brownies topped with coconut flakes. Please help me brainstorm. Thanks

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  1. Make the Brownies with the thick coconut cream at the top of a can of coconut milk instead of butter. I had them made this way once in Thailand and it was addictive! Add macadamia nuts instead of walnuts. Coco-Mac brownies!

    1. I like the macadamia nut idea in theory, but I don't know how they would mesh w/ a chewy brownie texture...they don't seem quite right, but what do I know since I've never done it before.

      One thought that I had was lacing the brownies w/ finely ground Kona coffee and chocolate together. And/or you could do some sort of Kahlua icing or swirl. That should keep you hula'ing away...

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        If you break up the macadamia nuts first they should be okay. To break them up, wrap about a cup in a flour sack dishtowel, lay them on your counter or chopping board, then bang them with a rolling pin. If necessary, chop them even finer with a chef knife. Don't start with the knife, as the round nuts will roll all over the board.

      2. I'm not sure how well this would work in brownie form, but I was once served a slice of chocolate-orange bundt cake - the orange made the cake taste much lighter than it actualy was, very nice and summery.

        1. I had actually bookmarked this recipe once from food network to use for a party, but then never ended up making them...

          1. I would substitute coconut oil for the oil that is called for in the recipe, and maybe add macadamina nuts. Our you could go another route and do a Chocolate Kona Coffee Brownie.