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Jul 13, 2006 04:16 AM

Pinnochio's in Burbank- great gelato

Thanks to everyone on the board who recommended the "hidden gem" of Pinnochio's in Burbank. It is an old-world Italian Deli that looks like it belongs somewhere on the East Coast. Anyway, I thought the gelato was better than any of the gelato I have had on the Westside, and it costs about 1/2 the price. I ordered the bambino, which is 5 mini shoops for #2.95. YUMMY! It was creamy and had just the right density. Especially recommended is the rum raisin and the amaretto. Go for it!

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  1. Have you tried the gelato at Spitz in Eagle Rock? I actually prefer it to Pinnochio's.

    1. Oh, rally? Thanks----I though it was pretty much a carnivore's hang out....didn't realize they had gelato. I'll go fir sure :-)

      1. If you love dark chocolate, the chocolate one is heavenly, and so is the mango. The woman in front offered me a taste one day, and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. *sigh* :)

        1. overall, the gelato which is from san francisco at doner spitz is a little too sweet for my taste. the lychee flavor i had was very, very good. if you like mango, bulgarini's mango is unbelieveable. it's sorbetto without any dairy, but it's so creamy and smooth and...mindblowing.

          i tried it last week and their cart was at the food show and they had a makeshift freezer which crystallized the gelato a little, so it was more crystallized. but usually it's divine.


          1. This place has gotten mixed reviews on this board but I like it a lot. The food is excellent and the prices are insanely low. Let me tell you in advance, I appreciate upscale restaurants as much as most people, but this is not one of those places. This is comfortable southern Italian style food like someone’s grandmother might have made. The menu will appeal to almost every taste, whether you enjoy pizza, pasta, eggplant, chicken, lasagne, salad, sandwiches, - and the list goes on. I brought a group of 30 there last week and everyone was happy.

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              I don't love the food -- they don't drain the pasta hardly at all, and it's sitting in water, not starch water, so the sauce gets badly diluted -- but their sausage sandwiches are very, very tasty.