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Jul 13, 2006 04:08 AM

Caliches Frozen Custard, Fresno report (w/ pics)

Just wondering if anyone has tried Caliches Frozen Custard in Fresno?

I only found one post on, but it's not very detailed:

Caliches Frozen Custard
5420 North Blackstone Road (at the corner of Barstow Ave.
)Fresno, CA 93710

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  1. I have had Caliches Frozen Yogurt several times and my opinion is that it is defintely better than most ice cream places, but not as good as the frozen custard that I've had back East. They have a multitude of choices and tons of toppings. One of my favorites is the grasshopper, which is mint chocolate custard with oreo and creme de mint flavoring. Yum! They also do fun things like Frito Pies and other 50's favorites.

    On the weekends it is fun to go and check out the old model cars that people drive in and then eat some custard. The prices are a tad high (I seem to be saying that a lot lately), but they do give you a lot of custard. If I recall, the medium size is about $4-$5. The custard has a great mouthfeel, but seems watery compared to the frozen custard I've had back East(which is so thick you can't really use plastic utensils).

    A quick FYI, Caliche's has opened up a smaller store called "Cali's". It is located at Herndon and Willow in the Target Shopping Center. It is right on the corner where Thai Fusion is supposed to open. As far as I can tell they just do custard, no frito pies or hot dogs. But they do have a good selection of custards.

    I would say give them a try and you will probably stop going to Cold Stone, but it won't end your hunt for great frozen custard.

    1. We went to Caliches after eating at Sonic Drive-In on Sun. 7/23/06. I've had frozen custard at Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt Co. in SJ (next to Willow Street Pizza), so I wanted to try it here.

      The only flavors I could see they had was Vanilla and Chocolate (if requested). A small 2 scoop is $2.11 with tax. They are pretty small scoops too. Their frozen custard is smooth they say because they use less air 5-10%, use cream, egg, and other natural ingredients, I found it too similar to frozen yogurt here.

      They have toppings you can add for .75 more; there's specialty sundaes, shakes, malts, floats, fountain drinks, some food items, peach sorbet special-no dairy.

      Recommended if in the area. There's supposed to be some classic cars that ppl bring outside their lot on Fri nights so catch if there then.

      There is one restroom for men, and one for women

      my pics: