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Jul 13, 2006 03:04 AM

Sushi in Baltimore

Alas, Kawasaki closed with our chopsticks on the wall. The service was lousy (I guess it was the slave labor they finally got busted for), and occasionally they served dumplings half-frozen, but we always loved the sushi. Any other suggestions for FRESH, delicious sushi? We find Matsuri decent; Kiko was good once and disgusting the other time; we've only been to Minato for a special banquet so didn't have sushi there. Any word on the sushi at Minato, or Asahi, or somewhere else I haven't thought of?

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  1. Minato's is my fave in Baltimore. Make sure you try the white tuna and the monkfish liver pate.

    1. I like Chiu's the best- it's next to Whole Foods. They make special rolls if you ask- you used to have to ask for the "special card" - not sure if they just offer it now.

      1. My favorites up your way are all in Howard County, if you're willing to drive...Sushi Sono, Sushi King, and Fuji (in that order).

        1. If I'm in the mood for rolls, I generally go to Chiu's, but if I just want raw fish, I go to Asahi. I really like the people who own it; good hunks of fresh fish. Not the biggest selection, but good, fresh fish. Asahi is also BYOB so I find that a plus.

          Also, if you go to Asahi, two suggestions: they have my favourite udon and I'd also recommend trying the pajun. Not frozen at all.

          BTW, you can get those dumplings that Kawasaki used to serve at Asia Market, Lotte, or Han Ah Reum. I've not priced them lately, but they can't be more than 30 cents a piece from the store.

          1. the owners of kawasaki deserved it....

            anyway, i love minato..their sushi is fantastic. try the baby octopus and the live sea scallop. also one of the only places in baltimore to serve toro. the vietnamese food there is also very good.

            i also like nichiban. fresh fish, interesting rolls, but they mush have gotten a new cook because their cooked appetizers (seafood pancakes and calamari) were not nearly as good as they used to be.