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Jul 13, 2006 02:11 AM

lunch in Ottawa this Friday

Would Ottawa Chowhounds choose Domus, Meditheo, Sweetgrass or Azteca for lunch? Any favourite dishes I should try to order?

Thanks for any tips!

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  1. For lunch, I'd leave the Market but the temp is forecast for 29 tomorrow so the patio option is temping. I'd try a couple of other places, Le Cafe is reliable food and service, indoors or out and is a great Ottawa dining treasure I think is overlooked. For lighter fare given the temp tomorrow, try Hot Peppers for Thai or Sushi 88 both on Somerset. Or, venture over to Wellington and go to the Nicastro restaurant, accurate name escapes me, between Holland and Island Park. Simple, Italian, solid good eats from salads to pasta and thin crust pizza. Of your list, Domus would be my choice. I'd like to know how the Black Cat is doing these days, just a couple of doors down.

    1. Domus would also be my choice (actually, I've never been to Sweetgrass so I personally might choose it for that reason alone, but you can't go wrong at Domus).

      1. Steve Vardy (exec chef at Beckta) talked about his favourite restaurants in Ottawa at CBC's Ottawa Morning show this morning (Wednesday).

        Here is the quick list he mentioned, not in particular order:

        Domus cafe
        Luxe Bistro
        Something? Oyster House (didn't get the name right)

        Vietnamese: New Mee Fong
        Italian: Cafe Spiga Trattoria
        Fine Dining: Signature Le Cordon Bleu, Le Baccara (inside Casino)
        Mexican: Ahora Restaurant
        Sushi: Ginjo?? at Lisgar (didn't get the name right)

        If you want to listen the show, here is the link:

        1. Of your list, Domus or would definitely be my pick for lunch. Try to get a seat near the front windows to enjoy the sunshine. Meditheo is quite nice - but I find their lunch menu not as interesting as dinner.

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