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Jul 13, 2006 01:28 AM

Amarillo this Friday night--help!

Hubby, me, mom, and grandma are headed to Amarillo from Dallas (driving) on Friday afternoon. We hope to arrive in Amarillo around 6-7pm, and I'd love to take everyone to a great place for dinner. Nothing too fancy (not that I expect a ton of those placed in Amarillo)--maybe chicken fried steak, great burger, steak. Any advise? We will be picnicing on Saturday before heading to the Texas musical play at the canyon. Many thanks for any dining suggestions you have for us. Calico County? Coyote Bluff? I've heard of both, but haven't a clue.

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  1. In case the Amarillo 'hounds are all talked out, the generic recommendations were covered on a thread in the last couple of weeks. If you search for "Amarillo" and sort the result by date, you'll find that and the other more recent mentions of the city.

    You might find what you're looking for there, or the recommendations and comments you see on earlier discussions may help you to ask questions more specific to your tastes.

    I hope you end up finding a meal that makes the whole group happy, and in any case that you'll let us know your final decision and how it turns out.

    1. Recommendations would be

      Steak: Country Barn and Big Texas Steak Ranch on I-40 (opposite ends). Both "West Texas" atmosphere only Big Tex somewhat exaggerated.

      Burgers: Golden Light Cafe or Barnaby’s Beanery (both on 6th street, prefer Barnaby’s but like both.) Coyote Bluff on Grand also good.

      I go to Calico County lots, is a fair place to eat and relax, wide selection. Not exceptional but might be what you want after the drive. Many people like Montana Mike’s for both the food and “Belly Busting Meals” but I am never that hungry. There is also the Stockyard Café on East side of town if that is more convenient.

      Good luck and enjoy your stay.

      1. Thanks for the replies. A friend had suggested Coyote Bluff for good food; however, I was wondering if it's the sort of place I'd take my grandmother? I have no clue. I'm leaning toward Barnaby's Beanery or Coyote Bluff right now. That said, the Country Barn is really close to our hotel.

        1. If the Country Barn is near your hotel then that puts Coyote Buff across town. It is geared toward the younger crowd but not out of the question. Barnaby’s is burgers, sandwiches and chili. Somewhat closer, décor is old time relics and route 66, and is a little better on the comfort side. Country Barn is a steak, BBQ place with a more full service menu and better comfort still. Again, after the drive you may want that. By the way, a few miles out of that end of town on I-40 you will find the Cadillac Ranch. If you have come all this way . . .

          1. We're back! We ended up at Coyote Bluff--great burger and even better cheese fries. Next time will try Blue Sky.

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              Glad to hear. Hope the canyon and play were all you hoped too.