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Jul 13, 2006 01:26 AM


Anyone familiar with the British TV show "Chef!", staring Lenny Henry? Henry played a British chef in a French restaurant in the English countryside. Excellent show. But I haven't seen it on American TV in years.

Anyone seen it recently?
I know you can get it on DVD.

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  1. Off and on they show it on BBC America. I sometimes wonder if Hell's Kitchen just takes the Chef kitchen scenes and turns them up to "11."

    1. I think this was discussed a LONG time ago, and recall that some people thought it was particularly over the top and unfunny.

      I had never heard of it, but recently purchased a DVD from a store going out of business, it being cheap enough to take a chance with. I have only watched two episodes so far, and thought it was hysterical. I too thought of Gordon Ramsay, and now wonder who influenced who.

      1. This is, without a doubt, my favorite food related show. I thought Lenny Henry was brilliant in it and the support cast as well. I wish our local PBS station would air it, but a think a snow ball has a better chance in H*ll than that happening.

        1. This is by far my favorite food related show! The episode where Chefs father is visiting has the best rant ever.

          1. One of my favorite shows!

            Lenny Henry not only starred in the show, he also developed the concept and Gareth Blackstock character.

            Interesting fact: If you watch the credits, you will find that John Burton Race did all the food for the show. He did the Food Network shows "French Leave" and "Return of The Chef".

            Another interesting fact: In one of the Harry Potter movies ( 2 or 3), Lenny Henry makes a cameo as the Rastafarian Shrunken head on the bus Harry is riding on.

            It is available on dvd from Amazon.