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Jul 13, 2006 01:17 AM

food in Ojai / Ventura?

Will be up there next week. Any and all eating rec's appreciated, particularly on the inexpensive / solo diner friendly side. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. though i haven't been there, tedde and christian shaffer, owners of avenue (, one of my favorite restaurants in the south bay, just opened auberge at ojai. like avenue, the menu is seasonal, which i love and offers french-american cuisine. would be interested to hear your feedback if you give it a go.

      la times review:

      restaurant site:

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        I took my father out to dinner at Augerge for Father's day. The food was great. I haven't been to Avenue, but the menu at Auberge was extremely similar to Chloe, with just 7 or 8 appetizers and the same number of entrees. Two of us had lamb, which was incredible, and my girlfriend had fish. Everything was great, including a very good molten chocolate cake. Dishes are simple, but cooked well. The wine list has a large number of interesting choices.

        Lets see if this gets removed, I tried to post on the LA board asking about this place a month ago.

        1. re: scottyp

          We ate at Auberge a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. There was a potato side dish (Cypriot potatoes I believer they were called) served with the lamb. They were the best potatoes I've had in recent memory.

        2. re: wowimadog

          I ate at Auberge in early September, and loved it. Not on the inexpensive side, but I thought it a good value. I haven't eaten at Avenue, but the menu there looks similar. Based on the LA Times review, I had the Grandmother's chicken (or whatever its called) which I wouldn't have ordered based simply on the menu -- and it was delicious, tender, fresh vegetables. Would be a wonderful dish for a autumen evening, if on the menu this month.

          The balcony at dusk is a beautiful place to eat (though you wouldn't guess it from the outside.)

        3. I have had several very good meals at Suzanne's in Ojai and the garden is a beautiful setting.

          1. If you are staying in Ojai, you may not want to travel all the way to Ventura for food...Ojai is very seductive.

            1. If you are looking for nice but trying not to spend a lot, you might check out Azu (not sure on spelling) on the main drag in Ojai. Gelato counter, small plates and large plates. I've tried a few things and liked them, can't say they are mind-blowing, but a pleasant experience. And they seemed to have bar seating in the front -- if that makes you more comfortable as a solo diner.