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Jul 13, 2006 01:07 AM

Need a Restaurant for a Sunday Afternoon for a group of 30-40

It's for a chowish group so great food is the most important factor. It is for a milestone birthday it can't be seedy. Price is definitely a factor too. Plus there will be a few small children.

Is there perhaps a dim sum place that has a private enough room?

Am open to all cuisines.


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  1. My experience is that when the group size gets above 20 or so, the quality of food really starts to decline. Just my opinion here. Have you thought about having the dinner catered? It may not be a bad option for that many. Also, you might want to check out some of the hotels. A lot of them are better equipped to handle a group of that size.

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      Thanks. Any thoughts on food quality in the various hotels for something like this?

    2. I don't recommend dim sum for a party that big on a Sunday afternoon, and I speak from personal experience. I helped friends arrange a post-wedding dim sum last fall for about that number of guests, and most of the Usual Suspects didn't even want to hear about it. Who can blame them? Weekend afternoons, especially Sundays, are their busiest times of the week, and catering a large party is too much trouble in the midst of all that. Also, the price points on dim sum make it not worth it to them financially.

      1. I've been to a few holiday parties at some area hotels over the past few years and here's my take on some of them.

        Lenox Hotel---Holiday party in 1999 with food. Everything was tasty although it was 7 years ago and I have not been there since.

        Four Season---2001. Anniversary celebration with 50 ppl. Very enjoyable and the food retained taste and temp. I would recommend it for a large group.

        Colonnade Hotel---2005. Association dinner with about 75 ppl. Food was tasteless and greasy.

        1. "Price will definitely be a factor" - it might help if you told us the range?

          Laurel might be an option. Apparently they can accomdate up to 42 in their private room.

          1. I went to a party on a Sunday at Cottonwood Cafe recently. I was not expecting much but was very plesantly suprised. (We had a menu to choose from and it had Migas on it, my fav).


            They had an outdoor patio but the weather forced us inside.