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Jul 13, 2006 12:33 AM

Garlic Scapes

My husband got a gift today...a big bag of garlic scapes. What can I do with them? The grower said he makes pesto. Anything else?

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  1. You can use them just as you would regular garlic cloves.

    Here is a site with some additional info:

    1. Gah - sometimes this site just kills me. I just tonight cooked up a bunch of garlic scapes that my neighbour gave me. Cut them into 2 to 3-inch pieces, tossed them in a large skillet with olive oil for a couple of minutes over high heat, then added chicken broth and salt and slammed a lid on it. Let them cook until tender over medium heat. They were delicious.

      1. Garlic scapes are nice to use as an addition to plain rice. If you put half of one (in one piece) in the pot along with the rice to boil it will add a subtle garlic flavor - just remove it after the rice is fully cooked. Also good in soups.

        But I have to say - pesto made from scapes with just a little salt and a small handfull of basil or other fresh herb is spicy, rich deliciousness.

        1. I know a lot of people that love scapes, but I'm not one of them. I go to great lengths to remove the scapes when my garlic gets a little old. I can't stand the taste. Onion scapes drive me bonkers too, maybe even more so.

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            I think we might be talking about slightly different things. I'm not talking about the stalk that comes out of garlic when it gets old. I'm talking about the top of a garlic stalk when it is still in the ground. Perhaps these are similar in taste. But the thing I'm talking about is shaped like a three dimensional heart, and when you break it open it has small bits that resemble garlic cloves.

            1. re: Darren72

              Yes, that's what I have.
              Thanks for the suggestions. I wasn't sure if I could use them just as I would the whole cloves.
              BTW, would you keep them refridgerated?

              1. re: Darren72

                My understanding of "scape" is the stalk itself (from the ripening garlic in the ground), including the immature "flower" at the top. I've never tried cooking the larger flowers. Is that what folks are making pesto from?

            2. Garlic scapes are the whole stalky bit, including the immature flower bud. If picked before they become tough, you can cut them into pieces and use as a vegetable. I don't know what those baby garlic thingies are called that eventually form at the top - but they're not scapes.