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Jul 13, 2006 12:29 AM

Bless Chowhound!


I don't know if this belongs here or on Site Talk. I just want to express my admiration and appreciation for this message site. As many regulars know I do post a lot and probably more so in the past day and a half. I had lumbar surgery yeterday AM and was home and back to Chowhound by early afternoon. You all have kept me interested and alert and often amused on enforced bed rest. If they were still looking for donations I would consider it a necessary donation. God bless each and everyone of you whether it is she or he you turn to. This is a great site and I love it.


  1. I wish you a speedy recovery, Candy. Somewhere there's a Michigan Dog with your name on it, so go get it!

    1. Soon as I can get back "home". Thanks for the good wishes. Just need you all to keep me amused and posting.My MD's office called today to see how I was doing and all I could say was pretty bored. I am not used to enforced inactivity!

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        Hope the recovery is speedy, Candy. Are you eating in bed?

      2. Get well soon, Candy! I guess we'll all benefit from your posts then.

        Does this mean no cooking for a while? I can't imagine since I get the impression that cooking is like breathing for you...

        1. Candy, thanks, that means a lot to all of us behind scenes as we work to navigate the community thru all these changes. And we wish you the very best with your recovery.

          But the reason Chowhound is as useful and focused as it is is because we avoid the sort of chat that absolutely pervades the Internet. So while the moderators and I hate to be grinches, we're going to close this thread to further comments, and let you bask in the silent but heartfelt sympathy, best wishes, and chow companionship of all your fellow hounds.