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Jul 12, 2006 11:55 PM

Palo Alto - near Stanford Theatre - worthwhile place (but ok for kids too)? Bella Luna...? Evvia?

Going to see a movie at the Stanford Theatre soon, and will have
a 4-yr old & 7 yr old in tow. Also, my 83-yr-old mother.
Close to the theatre & yet not too, too noisy would be great for my mom. (and yet if too hushed, not great for the kids either, it seems)

Has anyone tried Bella Luna recently? It's very, very close
location-wise but if it's a poor version of Italian food, would prefer to skip as my SIL & brother from So Calif. eat Italian quite a bit! (he's finicky & doesn't have the broadest tastes which eliminates then many ethnic places) And, so too is my senior mom...fairly narrow tastes.

Evvia? Worthwhile or more a place to be seen & noisy?
Haven't been in YEARS & never to Bella Luna,
but it's appealing from the outside, at least. :-)

Please share *any* ideas you have as this is a belated b-day celebration for my mother.
Really close to the theatre probably makes the most sense, but if you have a favorite elsewhere, please DO share. Btw, the kids are pretty used to eating I think they'll be okay.
Thanks so much! :-)

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  1. I think a credible case can be made that Evvia is the best restaurant in Palo Alto, so I would certainly recommend it. Bella Luna is fine, but it's nothing special in my book.

    1. I think most people on this site prefer La Strada (also on University Avenue) to Bella Luna, but I think La Strada may be too "crowded" (bustling/tables too close together) for 2 small kids and an 83-year old. I have always had ok meals at Bella Luna, and the service is usually attentive. I don't think you'll get a great meal there, but a decent one in a nice environmnent. I would ask for one of the larger tables that face the front windows. With windows open, it's a very good place to watch the passing street scene. And it is right next door to the Stanford Theater.

      The food at Evvia is top-notch (although I find the "signature lamb chops" surprisingly a bit greasy). It can get very noisy on a crowded night and it is abit of a trendy to-be-seen place. If your SIL and brother are used to high-end places, this might be the better choice, but I think the kids and mom might have more fun at Bella Luna.

      1. I have been to La Strada with 2 kids in tow and they did just fine (ages 3 and 1 at the time). We sat in the back and it wasn't a problem. The had pizza for the kids.

        1. Thanks guys! Okay will ponder a bit more then & try to
          see menu at all of the above. My hubby & I are vegetarians,
          so have to keep that in mind too. ;-)

          I haven't seen La Strada...will have to look it up for exact address. Bella Luna certainly is close, however.
          Just wanted to make sure it's not too, too blase. (sounds like maybe but that might be okay as well w/such a group...
          will just try not to be worried too much about SIL's thoughts on the matter, I guess)

          My recollections of Evvia were that it was quite bustling, indeed, so that can be a major negative for my mom, unfortunately. (hearing issues)

          Thanks again for the feedback, as hoping to go this weekend! :-)