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Jul 12, 2006 11:38 PM

moving to 45th and 8th - need butcher/fishmonger/cheesemonger/produce, also pizza/chinese/etc

So I'm moving to 45th and 8th.

First, I need a good butcher, and fish guy, and place to get produce, and cheese, and a good bakery, that sort of stuff. Amy's Bread I know, and I'm not crazy about the Amish Market, but I don't know what else is in the area. (Also, any good ethnic groceries are much appreciated as well.)

Additionally, various go-to staples - pizza? chinese? sushi? burgers? mexican? that sort of thing?


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  1. My go to for Italian in the 'hood - Basilica on 9th between 46th and 47th and 44 SW on the corner of 44th and 9th. Cascina gets a pretty good response, as well. Have only been once. Also enjoy Pietrasenta on the corner of 47th and 9th.

    For a little more upscale you've got Marseille on 44th and 9th, Esca on 43rd and 9th, and I had one lovely meal at Rachel's on 9th between 43rd and 44th, but haven't been back. Eatery is also good, but butter when it's not super crowded.

    The area is pretty ripe for bars. Most of them have a "neighborhood feel," no Gansevoort Hotel style gardens in the 'hood. :)

    And a great all around 24-7 Diner is the Renassiance on 9th between...52nd and 53rd?

      Central Fish Market
      527 9th Ave At 39th St
      (212) 279-2317

      Sea Breeze Incorporated
      541 9th Ave At 40th St
      (212) 563-7537

      GREEK "Delights"
      Poseidon Bakery
      629 9th Ave At 44th St
      (212) 757-6173

      CHINESE (rec Delivery or take-out)
      Mee Noodle Shop
      795 9th Ave At 53rd St
      (212) 765-2929

      STAPLES (Produce, milk, etc. besides your Food Emporium)
      Westerly Health Foods
      913 8th Ave At 54th St
      (212) 586-5262

      Have fun with these.

      1. Poseidon is great!

        Chinese? That's easy! Grand Sichuan, 9th Av. just north of 50th St. Probably the best Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

        1. For a butcher Esposito's Pork store on 9th and 37th?? is a great place

          1. For Mexican, Arriba Arriba (51st & 9th) has great tex mex, while Hell's Kitchen (9th btwn 46th/47th) serves more mexico city style food. Both have excellent Margaritas, too.

            There is also a little Mexican grocery store on 47th and 10th that has some interesting chilis and other stuff (I think it's called Tehuitzingo Grocery or something like that...) They also serve tacos in the back for like $2 each!

            For Sushi, Shimizu (51st btw 8th/9th) is really good if you like to be adventurous... they have a lot of unusual fish on the menu... they also have a wide variety of Sochu.