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Jul 12, 2006 11:31 PM

Great solo meal at Frontera Grill 7/11

Just wanted to post that the staff couldn't have been nicer or more friendly last night when I showed up around 7pm at Frontera Grill. Asked if I could eat solo at the bar and they cheerfully explained that there was open seating and I could order from both the FG menu and the Topolobampo menu. The female bartender paid just enough attention to me so I didn't feel alone, but didn't feel "engaged," either. Perfect. Plus, I got to watch the bar "show" at that hour of singles and groups...and the bartenders showing off their mixing dexterity.
Had tortillas stuffed with sweet potato, etc, then deep fried and quartered on a mound of guacamole with shaved carrot and some spicy sauce. Beautiful presentation. My main was grilled salmon, a pyramid of rice with grilled onion bits in it and a salad that was a nice mix of what looked like "thinnings" from someone's garden. It worked. All arranged on top of a piquant green sauce. Dessert was a flan with lavender-scented honey, drizzled with mulberry sauce and served with a very thin tuile. All food was interesting to taste, interesting to look at.
This place has taken a few knocks on this board recently. I thought it was terrific.

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  1. Thanks for the review! Great idea, too. I've wanted to replicate some of their original cocktails and sitting at the bar would give me a perfect view.

    1. I have on several occasions eaten at the bar (especially lunchtime, when I used to work in the area) - but I wasn't aware you could also order off the Topo menu - that's great news! I'm glad you had a good experience there. Thanks for the report.