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Jul 12, 2006 11:31 PM

Business Dinner in Seattle

I will be staying one night in Seattle (Inn at the Market) and are taking clients out for dinner. No real budget issues but looking for a great restaurant with a good atmosphere rather than a food temple.

Been to all of Tom Douglas's restaurants and love them but want to try something different. While we are at it, any suggestions for breakfast in the morning in the Pike Place area.

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  1. If you want something within walking distance, not a food temple (rules out Union, Mistral, Lampreia, Veil etc), nor a steak house (rules out Brooklyn, El Gaucho, Metropolitan etc), good "client dinner" atmosphere (rules out a lot of smaller bistro-type places), not too adventurous (rules out most Asian/pan-Asian places?)...maybe Cascadia. Swanky, food not too precious, but still interesting. WOuld suggest Canlis for this type of occasion but it's farther away and had a bad experience there recently with 3 overdone steaks.

    1. I would suggest the upstairs bar at Maximillian's At The Market. It's casual, rustic with a great view. The food is from the same, more formal dining room from downstairs. Their mussels are worth the trip alone. You'll think you're in Europe.

      1. Walk out your door and go about 30 more feet to Campagne for dinner. Great restuarant, great atmosphere, great service. First-rate and reliable.

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          Cafe Campagne is a great place to go for breakfast as well.