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Can you freeze Rhubarb???

We love Rhubarb and it only has a short season out here one the left coast. Right now it's cheap and there is plenty of it. We would love to have a Rhubarb pie in the fall and winter.


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  1. My wife and I freeze rhubarb all the time. The best method is to just wash, chop, and freeze in a plastic container or ziplock freezer bag.

    1. I presume you could also make the pie filling now, and freeze that.

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        Holy Rhubarb Capt'n Jeff and Darren. Thanks for the tips. Will do both.
        Thanks, I knew the Hounds wouldn't let me down one way or the other

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          My grandmother taught me to make the pie filling, put it into a ziplock bag, and then put the bag into a pie plate and freeze -- you end up with a frozen filling in the shape of a pie, perfect to toss into a crust. Apple pie holds its shape best, but rhubarb is passable.

        2. I make pie in season and freeze it without problem. I also make a simple, lightly cooked sauce and freeze that.

          1. I froze some chopped rhubard, but have yet to use it. Disappointingly, the pieces have ice crystals on them now--wonder if it's still good to use...

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              It should be just fine to use. I have some in my freezer that has been there for a year and I made a strawberry rhubarb pie with some of it last month. The pie turned out great. I measure out at least a cup more (frozen) than the recipe calls for and let it thaw in a large collander lined with paper towels. Once it is thawed I try to gently squeeze out the excess water (there's usually quite a lot). The rhubarb will look somewhat mushy, but once it's mixed in with everything else and baked in a pie, you'll never notice, and the taste is still terrific.

            2. i buy frozen rhubarb out of season, my plants never took. As long as it is being cooked, no problem. As I kid I loved raw rhubarb with salt frozen would not work that way at all.

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                You know what that makes me think, the sour rhubarb and salt?rhubarb margherita! I wonder...

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                  We tried making a rhubarbherita about a month ago. I hate to say it, but it wasn't a hit. We much prefer rhubarb slush. I googled for some recipes--most were virgin slushes, but I saw one recipe with gin. A friend used to keep a bucket of rhubarb slush in her freezer during summer--she made hers with vodka, I think.


              2. My grandmother in Minnesota will sometimes send a surprise package to me here in the east, and yes as long as it is being cooked, it freezes beautifully.

                There's a fabulous rhubarb crisp recipe on epicurious that has orange zest in it. yummmmm!

                1. One of the easiest and most versatile ways as far as recipe options after thawing... Rinse each stalk and wipe dry. Chop it into 1/2" dice and spread in a single layer on a cookie sheet (pizza pan, whatever you have) and slide into the freezer. The next day, put it in a freezer bag and put back in the freezer. As much or as little as is needed for each recipe can easily be removed since it's not all stuck together. I sometimes take the time to slice several stalks on the diagonal and freeze this in a separate bag for upside down cakes which I make with a generic yellow cake mix.

                  1. I froze a rhubarb compote and thawed it a year later (yeah, forgot about it back there) and it was, surprisingly, just fine. so I would say most emphatically yes! I love the posts about making the pie filling and freezing it--makes perfect sense...I will have to pass along to my mother the pie maven.