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Jul 12, 2006 10:58 PM

Can you freeze Rhubarb???

We love Rhubarb and it only has a short season out here one the left coast. Right now it's cheap and there is plenty of it. We would love to have a Rhubarb pie in the fall and winter.


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  1. My wife and I freeze rhubarb all the time. The best method is to just wash, chop, and freeze in a plastic container or ziplock freezer bag.

    1. I presume you could also make the pie filling now, and freeze that.

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        Holy Rhubarb Capt'n Jeff and Darren. Thanks for the tips. Will do both.
        Thanks, I knew the Hounds wouldn't let me down one way or the other

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          My grandmother taught me to make the pie filling, put it into a ziplock bag, and then put the bag into a pie plate and freeze -- you end up with a frozen filling in the shape of a pie, perfect to toss into a crust. Apple pie holds its shape best, but rhubarb is passable.

        2. I make pie in season and freeze it without problem. I also make a simple, lightly cooked sauce and freeze that.

          1. I froze some chopped rhubard, but have yet to use it. Disappointingly, the pieces have ice crystals on them now--wonder if it's still good to use...

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              It should be just fine to use. I have some in my freezer that has been there for a year and I made a strawberry rhubarb pie with some of it last month. The pie turned out great. I measure out at least a cup more (frozen) than the recipe calls for and let it thaw in a large collander lined with paper towels. Once it is thawed I try to gently squeeze out the excess water (there's usually quite a lot). The rhubarb will look somewhat mushy, but once it's mixed in with everything else and baked in a pie, you'll never notice, and the taste is still terrific.

            2. i buy frozen rhubarb out of season, my plants never took. As long as it is being cooked, no problem. As I kid I loved raw rhubarb with salt frozen would not work that way at all.

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                You know what that makes me think, the sour rhubarb and salt?rhubarb margherita! I wonder...

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                  We tried making a rhubarbherita about a month ago. I hate to say it, but it wasn't a hit. We much prefer rhubarb slush. I googled for some recipes--most were virgin slushes, but I saw one recipe with gin. A friend used to keep a bucket of rhubarb slush in her freezer during summer--she made hers with vodka, I think.