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Jul 12, 2006 10:58 PM

Rocket Salad?

I recently spent a semester studying in London, and I became addicted to rocket salad - these peppery salad greens. Since coming back I haven't been able to find it in any grocery stores or restaurants - what gives? is it more of a european veggie?

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  1. It's also known as arugula. It should be readily available. It's my favorite salad green.

    1. It's arugula, pronounced Aargh! every time I see it on a copycat menu. You just know there will be beets and goat cheese around there somewhere, too. Otherwise there's no chance a newspaper will send an "A" team reviewer there, at least on the West Coast.

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      1. re: Gary Soup

        Geez, Gary, that's a lot of hostility toward a salad green. he he he

        I like it with shavings of parmigiano and aged balsamic, preferably over a thick steak like the Tuscans do.

      2. You should be able to find arugula at the Union Square Green Market. Also, check the Garden of Eden locations.

        As far as restaurants are concerned, we were at Cacio et Pepe this past weekend, and there is an arugula salad on the menu.

        You might also want to use the Find-a-Food function on Just a very quick look in one area of the city and I discovered that Lil' Frankie's serves an arugula salad. I'll bet if you use this terrific search mechanism, you will discover many restaurants in various neighborhoods that serve it.

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          Yes, the Union Square Farmers Market is a good bet for roquette and arugula. Vendors should have it already available this early in summer because it is a very prolific green. Roquette, or "wild arugula", is especially nice when picked young, as a microgreen.


          Not for those who hate bitter or "peppery" greens.

        2. You can buy Earthbound Organics Arugula in almost any decent grocery store. It comes in either a tray or a bag. Put it in a Glad or Ziploc vegetable bag to keep it fresh. Note check the date on the package. I would make sure you are buying it at least a week before the best before date.

          1. I had a great, simple pasta dish with pureed rucola (the Italian name for the green) in Sicily that was fantastic. I love bitter greens.