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Jul 12, 2006 10:55 PM

Indian in Jackson Heights

I haven't been to Jackson Heights for Indian in over 3 years, but used heard my old regular, Jackson Diner, had gone way downhill. Anybody have more up-to-date recommendations?

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  1. I like Indian Taj several doors north of Jackson Diner. It's buffet for lunch and dinner and I have never been disappointed there! I agree about Jackson Diner- I take guests there if I know they care more about the atmosphere/decor than the food. I take my other guests to Indian Taj.

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      I used to find Indian Taj quite acceptable for the buffet,but I went there with an Indian friend a couple of weeks ago. She tried all the vegetarian food, and I had mostly chicken dishes, but nothing tasted good except the chaat that we made ourselves and the naan. Even the gulab jamun tasted like a sponge in dishwater. We left lots on our plates and vowed never to return. We don't know what happened because the answer we got when we asked if there was a substitute chef or something received only a cryptic non-response.

    2. OOps, I meant Dosa Diner -. The best quality for the price, and I've tried everything else