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Jul 12, 2006 10:51 PM

Authentic Italian food in Los Angeles?

I am looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in the LA area. Great food, nice atmosphere. Any suggestions?

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  1. La Buca on Melrose is good. It is owned and run by Italians, so it's pretty authentic. Plus, there is no corkage!

    1. My two favorites: Giorgio Baldi for Italian seafood near the beach; Madeo for Northern Italian. Food is authentic, and each restaurant in its way reminds me of being in Italy. Warning: both are on the pricy side.

      1. Vincenti on San Vicente near Bundy, La Terza on 3rd near Sweetzer, Drago on Wilshire near 26th, Angeli Caffe on Melrose, Angelini Osteria on Beverly near La Brea are among the best in town. Il Moro on Purdue near Olympic is also quite good. Valentino can be wonderful (and has the best wine list) but is very inconsistent.

        1. Il Capriccio on Vermont in Los Feliz. Love the Tuscan bean soup and the clams with pasta. In general the sea food dishes, pasta dishes, and specials are the way to go with them.

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            I second Il Capriccio on Vermont. Their pasta dishes are all incredible, and reasonably priced. But definitely make reservations ahead of time - they get really packed.

            1. re: Clare K

              i like il capriccio, but i wouldn't call it authentic. would you?

              1. re: Clare K

                I'm sorry, but Il Capriccio is a pretty sorry excuse for an authentic Italian restaurant. I was born in Italy, have my whole mother's side of my family there, and have spent every summer of my life there, so I have a lot of real Italian dining experiences to compare it to. If you're vegetarian, you will hate this place. The salads, including caprese, are unimpressive, and the lasagna is gross. I can't speak for the clams, but I guess if you're just looking for fresh clams in prepared in the Italian style, they must be pretty hard to mess up. Comunque se qualcuno mi puo dare un consiglio per un ristorante davvero autentico, sono contenta di provarlo!

                  1. re: fianxu

                    "Comunque se qualcuno mi puo dare un consiglio per un ristorante davvero autentico, sono contenta di provarlo!"

                    Meaning: a really small, family-run place, say the lady in the kitchen, the man running the front, perhaps a brother in law helping (total staff 3 or less), where absolutely everything is done in house, you feel absolutely at home, heavenly food, service that takes forever, no protocol ...?

                    Lasciate ogni speranza.

              2. Ditto the recs for Baldi, Madeo and Vincenti -- all are great and 100% authentic.