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Frozen Yogurt/Soy 'Ice Cream'

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Being lactose intolerant can really cramp your style amung Boston's ice cream fanatics. I read about the wonderful flavors- in ice cream, but are they out there in yogurt or soy? PLEASE tell me where to find them!!!

Many thanks

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  1. Kimballs has a couple flavors of hard serve frozen yogurt also sorbet

    1. Thank you- where is Kimballs?

        1. you can get ALOT of different flavors for soy ice cream. They are pretty decent too.

          The largest selection that I have seen is in the Whole Foods in River Street/Cambridgeport. Perhaps the Whole Foods in Charles River Plaza may have decent selection too.

          1. Both Toscanini's and Christina's have various yoghurt flavors, usually a (small) subset of what's available in ice cream. They also have sorbets which, at least for Tosca's, can be phenomenal (mmm mango sorbet).

            1. Rancatore's in Belmont and Lexington has great frozen yogurt - I too am lactose intolerant but can eat this stuff w/abandon (unfortunately!?). Flavors rotate . . . . .

              1. JP Licks has lactose-free ice cream, a different flavor every few days.