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Jul 12, 2006 10:29 PM

Frozen Yogurt/Soy 'Ice Cream'

Being lactose intolerant can really cramp your style amung Boston's ice cream fanatics. I read about the wonderful flavors- in ice cream, but are they out there in yogurt or soy? PLEASE tell me where to find them!!!

Many thanks

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  1. Kimballs has a couple flavors of hard serve frozen yogurt also sorbet

    1. Thank you- where is Kimballs?

        1. you can get ALOT of different flavors for soy ice cream. They are pretty decent too.

          The largest selection that I have seen is in the Whole Foods in River Street/Cambridgeport. Perhaps the Whole Foods in Charles River Plaza may have decent selection too.

          1. Both Toscanini's and Christina's have various yoghurt flavors, usually a (small) subset of what's available in ice cream. They also have sorbets which, at least for Tosca's, can be phenomenal (mmm mango sorbet).