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Jul 12, 2006 10:02 PM

Sai's Vietnamese 3 in Livermore

I had a very decent bowl of pho+? today in Livermore at Sai's Vietnamese Restaurant #3. The broth was beefy without that artificial sweetness found in many sub-par pho shops. Unfortunately, the noodles were too mushy for my taste and the serving size was enormous. I ordered a tai nam gau, but what came out only had tai nam - it was actually A LOT of meat. They didn't have that saw-toothed herb, but they did have basil, sprouts, peppers, and lemon.

The broth, when compared to Pho Ao Sen in Oakalnd, was definitely diluted, but considering this place is in Livermore, I was pretty impressed. I liked it better than Creasian, the Vietnamese place on Vasco Road.

Sai's Vietnamese
945 Bluebell Dr, Livermore, 94551

This place is in Springtown, where Udupi used to be.

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  1. Is this the same Sai's that is next to the transamerica building in SF? If so, where is the second location?

    1. Good to know there's another place in Livermore.
      I think I know where Sai's is, is it in the strip mall/shopping center with the Motel, the liquor store, and the Chinese Buffet place? I'll give it a try when the weather cools down enough to enjoy the pho.

      Have you tried Creasian lately? They have changed the beef broth and the broth for the Chef's special (hot & spicy), it's better now. The chicken broth was superior to both, but haven't had it recently. They have even switched to lime instead of lemon on the herb/sprout pho plate.

      Also, Creasian has added bahn mi (great bread, not as much meat as say Cam Phoung in Oak CT) and shakes to the menu recently.

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        Oh the banh mi at Creasian...

        I had the most expensive banh mi there - a $4.25 banh mi with six shrimp halves. You're right, though, the bread was great, and overall, it was a tasty sandwich. My problem with that place is the very unfriendly lady who was rather short with me when I asked if they could do a shrimp banh mi, since I am not a fan of either chicken or pork... When I asked for a vegetarian or seafood option, she told me that she could make it without any meat. ...that's bread, pickles, and mayonaise... The worst part was that she didn't tell me she was going to charge me a whole dollar more for the shrimp.

        Speaking of Livermore, the soy milk latte (double in a medium) at Kat's coffee next to Creasian is very good.

        1. re: yamada3

          Kat's also has decent pastries, for Livermore ;); the pastries are out-sourced from a pastry shop in Pleasanton. The owner is very nice there, when I asked about the name change from Virtues of Coffee, she said that she bought the place from them and still uses their roasted coffee beans.

          Creasian - There are two women who run the front (sisters) - one is extremely nice and very friendly, the other less so (as my co-workers and I have noted).

          Since we're discussing Livermore, the only other food options are Lemon Grass and the Indian place next to it on First Street in Downtown Livermore - if you haven't tried those, you might consider it next time you're in town.
          One thing to avoid at Lemon Grass is the Pad Thai - horrible version, nearly everything else is good to v. good (try the angel wings or not if you don't like chicken, they also make a good red curry, and the daily special is usually tasty).

          1. re: yamada3

            I visited Creasian for the first time today in order to get a bahn mi (tough to find in the tri-valley) and the lady said that yesterday was the final day of banh mi's. They were having trouble with their bread supplier and will no longer be selling sandwiches. Any other tips on finding these tasty treats in the tri-valley?