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Jul 12, 2006 09:46 PM

Equipping a college apartment kitchen

My daughter is moving into her first apartment. She is a student at UC Berkeley. What should I buy to start off her new kitchen?

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  1. *george foreman grill
    *one of those toasteroven/microwaves....stainless steel is probably good/preferable
    *good blender for drinks, smoothies, etc
    *good frying pan

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    1. re: Xericx

      "*good blender for drinks, smoothies, etc"

      but not for margaritas, right?! ;-)

      - some not so nice plates, like I had some plastic, but not throw-away, ones that I used for everyday use
      - dish towels
      - measuring cups, spoons (Crate and Barrel has some inexpensive options for things like this... I got my "college" mixing bowls from them and am still using them)
      - plastic cups that she can take to class with her
      - along the same line, "tupperware" containers she can take her lunch in to class

      Some things I forgot to bring:
      - a can opener
      - cheese grater
      - potato peeler

      1. re: Katie Nell

        Margarita's a drink!

        As far as cheap plates, I like the basic line at Crate and Barrell for every day use. Just the plain white plates...stay away from those colored dishware sets...i like buying them individually and they are cheap. Plus if they break they are easily replaceable.

        Yeah, one chef's knife should be good for everything. Get a niceish one since those cheap ones she'll probably end up throwing away at the end of the year.. i know I did.

        oh yeah, get a nice stainless steel trash can too....can't stress how important those are..

        1. re: Katie Nell

          FYI Crate and Barrel has an outlet on 4th St. in Berkeley.

      2. It kind of depends on how often she cooks, and what she cooks.

        1. Set of knives, meltproof spatula, wooden spoon.

          Nothing she won't be heartbroken about losing to roommates...

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          1. re: LoDega

            there are a lot of good suggestions here. i do think that her cooking skill level/style and the kinds of food she likes will end up dictating what she truly needs.

            i'm a cook by feel, my teaspoon is the smaller spoon in the drawer and the bigger one my tablespoon. a glass ikea cup with rings for aesthetics poses as my measuring cup. i haven't had any problems with this method, but it's a mindset... some people need to have specific measurements to feel comfortable.

            anyhow, to toss in something else... i think a couple baking pans for an oven (assuming she has an oven) would be super helpful. along with tonnes of aluminum foil and parchment paper. if she's ever in a rush at all, she can do a set it and forget it type dinner by quickly prepping meat and veg into a packet and letting it cook/steam in the oven. no stirring, no mixing and dinner in 30 minutes.

            i'd also suggest something that she can make brownies/cake/cookies on/in. never underestimate the need for simple baked goods when you're away from home.

            i actually replied to this specific post because i completely agree on the roommate part. you cannot account for roommates actions with regards to burning the bottoms of pots, scratching teflon, losing items, letting items rust, bending items...

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              Believe me, I shared a kitchen with nine other people. I learned this the haaaard way...

          2. Microwave (if it doesn't come with one)

            1. A decent chef's knife and some inexpensive but sturdy pots and pans. Both of these can be found at Target -- in fact, a gift certificate to Target will serve many uses.