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Jul 12, 2006 09:20 PM

Who dropped off all that zuchinni?! to spot a zuchinni smuggler.

My husband brought home two huge bags from work a few days ago. He said he came back from lunch and there they were with this note attached: Dave, we know how much you love fresh vegetables. No signature.

I opened my front door today, to get the mail, and there it was...a grocery bag filled with zuchinni. I tried to "smuggle it" next door (my in-laws) but she admitted to dropping it on my doorstep after someone had dropped on hers. I could feel my blood pressure spike.

Anyone else have this type of thing happen lately?

I've posted a sign next to the "no soliciting" sign which reads.. No zuchinni..household highly allergic.

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  1. Okay. Strange... I remember my parents grew zuchinni in their garden one year and it about took over the house... those things multiply like rabbits and can grow to the size of a fiat. The next year, though none were planted and the garden tilled, they still came back! A fiat-sized zuchinni, by the way, gets pretty good miles to the gallon...

    1. How funny, do you have a compost bin? Those huge overgrown things deserve to find a home there.

      1. BSTIG...that is so funny! Fiat eh? We have some big ones.

        I'll be making lots of zuchinni stuff..and stuff not usually made from zuchinni. I have two grills going now and am going out to grill up lots of it.

        A friend tried to take a bunch to the homeless shelter and they don't want it either.

        1. In Minnesota, we learn not to leave our cars unlocked while we're at the office during zucchini season, lest one of our sneaky co-workers leaves the "gift" of a bag of zucchini in the front passenger seat.


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          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            I remember a bit that Garrison Keillor did on PHC about people sneaking around in the night leaving tomatoes and zucchini on other peoples porches. What a hoot!

          2. I grilled lots of "fiats" today and made baba zughanooj, some roasted zuchinni soup, and saved some to slice on sandwiches with crunchy veggies and other stuff. I don't want to see another zuchinni for a long time.

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            1. re: melly

              This suggestions is probably too late to be useful this year, but next year all of you "blessed" with an overabundance of zucchini can stop the problem before it starts by eating the flowers! And if you are chronic recipient of a neighbor's "largess", ask them for the flowers before they become Fiats.

              Zucchini blossoms sell for a fortune in farmers' markets out here in the Los Angeles area (and dishes made with them in trendoid restaurants sell for even more). I've had them stuffed with cheese and fried; as well as chopped, sauteed, and stuffed into quesadillas. Good stuff! If you can get them for free AND prevent zucchini glut, all the better!

              1. re: Piglet

                Yeah, they have to eat the female flowers. The males don't bear fruit, they just look pretty and attract bees.