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Jul 12, 2006 09:04 PM

Recommendations on a oven thermometer?

My oven just had some work done on it, and I think it is now running too cold (It was running too hot, which is why I called the repair guy in to fix it).

I want to make sure I'm not going crazy here before I start calling to complain, so having my own oven thermometer seems like the way to go.

What do professional bakers use to check the temperature of their ovens? Or, what is simply a good oven thermometer that will give me an accurate reading?

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  1. There are many good brands, but two reputable ones are Polder and Taylor. Each company makes a number of different models. You don't need anything expensive. Look for two features: first, that the numbers are large enough that you'll be able to read them through the window on your oven. Or, if not through the window, be able to read them easily without having to stick your head in a hot oven. Second, be sure the thermometer can be easily hung from an oven grate.

    1. I have a Taylor and while it is very accurate and opens out to it's own stand it is extremely hard to read. It is mercury filled which helps in the accuracy but against a stainless frame I have to remove it from the oven to read it.It is impossible any other way.