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good nyc kosher dinner needed - not pricey though

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My husband and I are looking for a place to go for our anniversary next week, but not expensive (ie not Prime Grill or Solo). Manhattan would be best. I would really appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. maybe mike's bistro...it's not cheap but not terribly expensive.

    1. Le Marais I think has the best balance for a nice dinner that i snot terribly expensive.

      1. I second Le Marais. Mike's is practically in PG territory. Another option would be the two Moroccan places--Village Crown or Darna.

        1. Abigaels is excellent and reasonable as well.

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            We made a reservation at abigaels. Thank you to all who responded, we appreciate it!

          2. I would recommend Galil in the future, although not for an important anniversary. You can make out at about 25 dollars per person and enjoy the best salads and tajines in Manhattan.