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Jul 12, 2006 08:26 PM

The Hungry Cat?

O.k. finally going to The Hungry Cat this Friday night?

Bring on the seafood suggestions?

Also whats the hype on The Pug Burger?

I remember a while back somebody had a link to photos of this?

If that person is still around can you post that link again?



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  1. The person with the photos is for Hungry Cat's Crab-Fest, which is a special (and hopefully renewing) once-yearly event.

    As far as the eating there, you generally won't go wrong ordering their specials of the day. Their wine/cocktail list is pretty good too. Haven't had the Pug Burger yet myself.

    Do report back :)

    1. No, this was a different post-they included photos of the famous PUG Burger, lobster roll, and other dishes?

      It was a slide show site?

      Wish I save their photo link?

      I'm sure they'll show up on here.



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      1. I really liked my meal there, but stick the seafood, The pug burger was the only dispointing thing (TOO MUCH Blue Cheese, and I LOVE blue cheese!). The fries however are amazing!! :)


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          Sorry to disagree, but I think the PB is the best burger you can get in LA right now. IMO, there is a perfect proportion of blue cheese to the excellent (and perfectly cooked) meat. Onions slices, tomato and lettuce are fresh and cold and crisp. Bun is delicious. My only complaint is that the thing is too damn thick to eat like a normal burger--you can really only eat it with a knife and fork.

          1. re: Dommy

            went last night and everything we had was great: watermelon salad, raw oysters and clams, lobster roll, and grilled scallops special (though the chipotle (?) sauce didn't work, i thought.)

            however, i was dissapointed in the fries that came with the lobster roll. they were soggy and limp. i'm assuming the fries you had had a little more texture? i guess even fries can have an off night, huh?

              1. re: mc michael

                I hope so. Returned this very weekend to try their brunch and I was horrified by the state of the fries this trip. I thought perhaps it was a brunch thing. But their fries at our previous dinner were done SO well, so precise. I hope it's not a sign of bad thing happen when the boss isn't in the kitchen... :P

                Aside from the fries, the brunch was really nice (especially the drink... YOW!!). Although we did concur AGAIN that there is too much blue cheese in the Pug Burger! We both enjoy the FO burger MUCH better because the sweetness of the carmelized onion really helps reign in the blue cheese making for a much more balanced burger...


                1. re: Dommy

                  You may be on to something re the onions. In the old days, the Roquefort Burger at Hamburger Hamlet had a thick slice of red onion that melded well with the meat and cheese.

          2. I like the lobster roll but I think their portions are really small.

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            1. re: tissue

              We ate there Wednesday night; after hearing all of the complaints about portion size (especially the lobster roll), I was steeled to go away hungry.

              I was surprised, then, to find that the oyster chowder and market lettuce salads were both fairly generously sized, and the raw tuna portions were larger than I had expected (but still not huge).

              The crab cake was fairly small for $14, that's for sure. While I enjoyed the crab cake, it was a little *too* packed with crab for me -- it was all crab, with a baked crust. Sad to say, I guess I really prefer the adulterated (and cheaper) crab cakes I've had elsewhere that are just a little crab and lots of other stuff mixed in. But I obviously wouldn't know authentic crab cakes if they hit me upside the head.

              It was definitely a good meal.

            2. I love the pug burger. Crab cakes, fries, and oysters were all excellent when I was last there a few months back. It's a bit expensive for such a strange little space. Felt like eating in a submarine it's so narrow.