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Jul 12, 2006 08:25 PM

Where to go for very late lunch or very early dinner on a Sunday

We're arriving at CDG around noon, staying in an apt on Blvd Richard Lenior in the 11th. So we'll be too late for lunch time and don't want to wait for dinner and would like to eat a good, but not too heavy, meal. Somewhere near where we are staying would be ideal. Anybody? Also, does anyone know if there are any food stores in the area that stay open on Sunday (or Monday)?

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  1. Most restaurants in Paris are closed on Sundays. And those that are opened will be closed between 2:30 and 7:00. I would walk over to the Marais where it is very lively on Sunday afternoons. There are numerous cafes that will serve good simple food. I like Ma Bourgogne in the Place de Vosges. Les Philosophes, Le Petit Fer a Cheval and L'Etoil Manquante on r. Vieille du Temple, between r. du Tresor and r. des Rosiers, serve throughout the day. They are owned by the same people and the food is good and not expensive with wonderful atmosphere. Brunch is big in the Marais, so depend on the time, you might just stroll and pick a place. For basic shopping, r. St. Antoine has a variety of stores, including a mini supermarche. The Richard Lenoir street market is open on Sunday and Thursday mornings. If you scroll down the France Board, there are couple of posts where you will find links to the Paris street markets and what days they are opened. All the above are near the beginning of Blvd Richard Lenoir. I am not familiar with the area on the other end of the boulevard but there are shops everywhere in central Paris.

    1. On rue des rosiers grab a falafel and lemonade at L'As au Falaffel. Yummy.