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Jul 12, 2006 08:15 PM

Recent eats - Mike's Roast Beef, LTK, Tremont 647

Had a chance to check out LTK before a concert at the Seaport. We were able to get a seat at the bar, but the place quickly filled up and by 6:30 was full. Lively space, good cocktails, our bartender was friendly and efficient, and I also liked the option of outdoor seating. Only tried two appetizers – a very good clam roll with thin crispy skin-on fries and coleslaw, and the house crab rangoon filled with lots of real crabmeat. Neighbors had the grilled calamari which looked great – will be ordering that next time. Drinks were good also – I tried a Pomegranate Margarita (a little sweet for me) and LTK Sidecar. Not a destination spot for us, but definitely our pre-concert default from now on.

Tequila Night at Tremont 647. We’ve gone to a couple of the other dinners here and, as always, they do a great job. Last night featured Patron, and with their excellent cocktail-making skills coupled with Andy Husbands in the kitchen, this bargain for $49 pp including drinks was excellent. Learned some interesting things about Patron and had some great food. Highlights for me was the carnitas-like pork appetizer and the suckling pig – a suprisingly generous portion too – though we enjoyed absolutely everything. We started the night off with passed appetizers and prickly pear margaritas on the patio, moved in for dinner, and then finished once again outside with one of the best Manhattans I have had in Boston as a nightcap. Sign up to the mailing list, and you’ll be notified of all their great events. We don’t get down to the South End that often, and we’ll have to try to fix that. For future reference, I’ll post last night’s menu below.

Lastly, I was craving a roast beef with extra sauce from Mike’s Roast Beef (Everett), and it never fails to please. We usually get the excellent fried clams, but this time decided on the fried shrimp. Wow, these were great – large, juicy, perfectly fried, sweet and non-greasy. Now how do we decide between the two?

Tequila Night Menu from Tremont 647:

Patron Silver Prickly Pear Margarita with Passed Appetizers:
Peppered Oysters and pineapple salsa
“Chilorio” Pork with roasted jalapeno aioli on tortilla squares
Tostones with mango jam

First Course Paired with Patron Reposado Watermelon Gimlet

Grilled Snapper in a Corn Husk
charred pepper salsa, cilantro puree
Chicharrones (not really - more like braised cubed pork) with a tomatillo salsa and grilled tortilla

Entree Paired with Patron Anejo Cosmopolitan
Cumin & Garlic Smoked Suckling Pig
Lime and Cilantro Grilled Striped Bass
Spicy Vegetarian Enchilada Verde

Sides were all good too:
-beans and rice
-jicama salad
-wild mushroom quesadilla
-zucchini tortilla casserole

Dessert Paired with Patron XO Cafe
Sweet Corn Tamale with vanilla flan and ripe mangoes

Yep, we ate too much

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  1. I had been meaning to post since the thread on Marblehead asking whether someone had been to Mike's. The reason being that the last time we were there I also ordered the shrimp and it was simply awful (this was in March/April). I was hoping for good news on the fried clam front, but since they have turned the shrimp around that is even better to hear. At that visit the rings were right on, a bit contrast to Kelly's.

    1. That tequila dinner sounds wonderful. Were the drinks full-sized? That sounds like an awful lot.

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      1. re: mhoffman

        Almost all drinks were served in rock glasses with lots of ice and they paced the meal leisurely also. Each person received a drink ticket for one prickly pear (or plain) margarita for the cocktail hour, with three passed appetizers. The remaining cocktails and courses were served over about 1-1/2+ hours, and water glasses were always full. The cosmo was served in the regular-sized martini glass (not those oversized ones), and the Patron Cafe was about two finger-widths in a rocks glass over ice. I thought they handled it very well, suggesting taxis on the website, and reminding patrons not to drink and drive.

      2. Mike's spicy waffle fries with nuclear-orange cheese sauce are also quite good-- crispy, hot, and not greasy. If you're gonna be bad, be bad! : )

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        1. re: Notorious EMDB

          WHAT!?! Just what I need - to try the onion rings and now that. I better get them in before I start eating healthy next week!

          1. re: Rubee

            I'm not a fan of the onion rings, but lots of my friends are. I just always pick the potato over the onion when given the choice-- except at Kelly's.