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Jul 12, 2006 08:03 PM

Upscale Mexican

I am quite sure many of you will be able to offer some suggestions!!

We LOVE Casa Romero in Back Bay. Are there any others in the area? We want a very upscale experience - like Casa Romero. Any suggestions??

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  1. If your willing to drive to Salem, MA you could try Cilantro.

    1. Few and far between, unfortunately. Tu Y Yo in Somerville isn't exactly upscale, but it's closer than most other Mexican places in the Boston area.

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        I still remember it for the dive that it used to be, but perhaps the Forest Cafe could be considered a bit "upscale" these days. Certainly there is more in the neighborhood (West Side...) to sit and have a drink than Powderhouse.

      2. IMHO, the best upscale Mexican around Boston is at Ole in Inman Square. They do it right there, great food, great margaritas, good service and atmosphere.

        Tu y Yo is often mentioned, although I have never been particularly fond of their food. Maybe "too authentic";
        very simple dishes with lots of rice and lots of meat.
        Sometimes you just want that crazy bigass bowl of guacamole and tortilla chips.

        I have never been very impressed with Casa Romero. When we first moved to Boston from California, we went on the recommendation of several folks that claimed they had "real authentic Mexican food." It's anything but. Some of the dishes are OK, but they are hardly "authentic", the service sucks, and the overall food quality is rather mediocre. Then again, we were coming from CA and had not yet adjusted our expectations to Boston Mexican food standards. Have been back a couple of times and never really been amazed. However ... Ole is really quite good and that's where I head if I want some upscale Mexican food.

        Would love to hear other recommendations - been meaning to check out Cilantro and Zocalo in Arlington.

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        1. re: Sgt Snackers

          By very upscale do you mean not a taco stand? I don't know any "very upscale" mexican restos in Boston.

          That said...

          I think the recommendation for Ole seems reasonable. Its divorced cousin Zocalo is similar in setting, but their food is simpler. I really enjoy their rellenos. Ole has slighltly fancier ingredients.

          1. re: Sgt Snackers

            Yes! Ole Mexican Grille is excellent. Favorites that leap to mind include ceviche, posoles, huevos oaxacenos (at brunch), and a great "real" margarita (no kool-aid style sour mix).

          2. There is Sol Azteca in Brookline--I'm not sure I'd call it upscale, but it's well above Anna's or something like that. Most of the food I've tried has been ordinary, but there was a shrimp in a green sauce that was good. It has been a few years, so I don't remember what the sauce was.

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            1. re: cmd

              I recall Sol Azteca specializing in various mole dishes (and being rather good at that).

              I have not yet tried El Sarape in Braintree, but hear good things. Any opinions?

              1. re: Sgt Snackers

                Last year, when craving outdoor seating, margaritas, and Queso Fundido, PK and I went to Sol Azteca. We were not expecting much from this place, but we got even less than that. The margaritas tasted like a cheap mix and we had the grossest queso fundido (that did not even come with tortillas...we had to ask for them). And, they definitely did not use a Mexican melty cheese. When we asked for more chips, they brought them to us (but charged us more for them than they did for one margarita). Sol Azteca is a place that I will never go back to.

                1. re: Sgt Snackers

                  El Serape is certainly worth a visit. Just stay away from there typical mexican dishes. Taco, burito, enchilada plates, and like that. Go for the house specials, daily specials, chef reccomendations and ther appetizers. Their chicken liver and carnitas apps. are to die for. The talent in the kitchen are from central Mexico, so they do not do tex-mex very well. But for classic Mexican cuisine this restaurant is a real find.

                  1. re: Louis

                    I think we'll be checking this out. How is their mole?

                    1. re: Rubee

                      I have been busy eating from their specials menu, and have not got to their mole yet. However, their puntas de filete: a steak bacon & onion casserole,camarones javier: grilled shrimp with potato puree and chipotle,and the guisado con chili ancho:chicken or beef casserole, I can reccomend without reservation.

                      1. re: Rubee

                        Thanks - all of those dishes sound great! Can't wait to check it out. (don't know why I couldn't reply to your post, had to reply to myself)

                  2. re: cmd

                    I quite like Sol Azteca, and think it gets an undeservedly bad rap on this board. Granted, some of their stuff is pretty ordinary, but some is truly exceptional, most notably the spicy chicken liver appetizer, Higaditos something-or-other. The salsa is fresh and tangy, and even better when you mix in some of their homemade habaƱero sauce - it's not on the menu, you have to ask for it. It's the real thing, SERIOUSLY hot!

                    And I've always found the service to be friendly and accommodating.

                  3. I love El Sarape, although some people I know don't like it quite as much as I do. It's not upscale at all, though. The atmosphere is very nice, but it's more geared toward families and others looking for an good meal at a reasonable price.