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Jul 12, 2006 07:24 PM

Kosher Ice Wine

Is anyone aware of a kosher ice-wine?

What about a kosher bio-dynamic wine?

I know this is out there, but I'm curious.

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  1. Hafner in Austria makes a kosher ice-wine. There is also a Yarden wine that is simulated ice-wine. I don't even know what bio-dynamic means. :-)

    1. Thanks! I think Biodynamic is a bunch of junk, but a small description is below.

      Biodynamic agriculture was inaugurated in 1924 by Austrian scientist Rudolf Steiner. It is the oldest, non-chemical agricultural movement and pre-dates organic agriculture by some twenty years. Biodynamics does more than avoid chemicals and seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature. Biodynamics is a world-wide agricultural movement. Farms may be certified Biodynamic by the Demeter Association, an international certifier

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        There are a few wineries who produce both biodynamic and non-biodynamic wines (I believe V. Sattui, Katherine Kennedy, and Benziger are just some). When tasted side-by-side, there IS a discernable difference! Don't discount biodynamics just yet...

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          Orthodox biodynamic is a crock, since there is no evidence for "life forces" and whatnot. And we stopped doing farm work by moon and planet proximity long ago. But if you take the weird philosophy out of it, there are some decent practices. Not overworking the land, for instance, is a good thing. Adding manure and compost is good, particularly chunky compost, as it promoste looseness of the soil and aeration as well as being a fertilizer. Lower yields result when clusters must be loose to dry out so as to inhibit molds and mildews, sun exposure to fruit increases when leaves must be thinned close to the clusters for the same purpose. These are things that large mechanized places may not normally do, but they're a potential part of any viticultural management, biodynamic or not. The nonbiodynamic, though, has the best of all possible worlds, since it has more ways to extract quality and more solutions with which to address problems.

      2. Try Rodrigues of Canada:

        Have not had this yet; it appears to be what you are looking for: kosher ice wine.

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          baron herzog chenin blanc - clarksburg - late harvest -- better 2004 than 2005, but it has a taste very similar to an ice wine...

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            Rodrigues doesn't produce grape wine, but other fruit wines. Could be interested, but may not be what you are looking for.

            I found a bottle of one of their wines in a liquor store in Riverdale, if that helps. I've had it 6 months and haven't opened it.