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Tisserie on Union Sq.

There's a new place that opened recently in Union Square called Tisserie. I am wondering if anyone tried their stuff? I've heard their croissants are good but I don't know about the rest of their baked goods.

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  1. I really like the place. I had a turkey, swiss, alfafa and tomato sandwich on buttery onion bread shaped like a bagel and it was so good. The Spanish tortilla was also great, and it was very heavy and dense. My favorite thing by far was the almond coquito. mmmmm!!!! Amazing. The lattes/cappuccinos were very mild. Definitely give the place a try. It does get expensive, though. The combo of pastelitos and traditional French baked goods is great!

    1. I like it too. Had a turkey and swiss on a croissant that was good, although could have been a bit more crunchy. Nice fruit tart too. I'll definitely be back to try some more.

      1. I had lunch there today. It didn't really seem like they fully had it together yet, but does seem like it has the potential to be worthy of an occasional visit. Kinda pricey. Every dish seems to involve turkey -- though it is good. Meat diversification is in order. The croissant was kinda tough and not baked properly though, which is kind of important for a place like this. The fruit tarts are deliciously delicious. Other pastries looked amazing, and my guess is that the pastries will be the biggest draw. The seating balcony is nice for people and baker watching, although once the Whole Foods crowd gets wind, this place will be a madhouse. I'll check it out again in a month or so after they've ironed out the kinks...

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          I agree with you. They don't have it together yet, and they need more lunch options. It's a strange combination of savory items on offer, with a mediocre selection of sandwiches, and a daily menu (which is hard to even know about unless you spot it next to the registers) of much more expensive items ($13-$18) such as risotto or hangar steak, served on real dishes but with a plastic fork. That cracked me up.
          The quiche was good but almost cold even though I asked them to heat it.
          I tried a valhrona tart, and while the chocolate was rich and not too sweet, I felt that the crust was too thick, hard and sweet. It didn't seem like typical tart crust, although it could be a style I'm not familiar with.

        2. It so funny, I was just getting ready post a thread asking for help as to which patissirie I should try first, Tisserie or Almondine.

          Thanks for helping me make my mind up......Almondine, here I come!

          1. Thanks for your opinions. I will give it a whirl when I'm in the neighborhood.

            1. I went here twice over the weekend to try out some of their pastries. First was the vanilla diamond- this did not excite me whatsoever. I was expecting some vanilla cream on the inside but all it really was is a sugar cookie with extra sugar on top. Then I tried the brownie which was amazing! It was a perfect balance of soft and chewy. I keep thinking about it still actually! Last I had a praline macaroon. When I bit into it I was suprised to find rasberry jelly in the middle. It was very good but very sweet. I am a sugar addict and felt a little sick after eating only the small version of this. All in all I am excited to go back and try some more!

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                Weird, because I too had a macaroon mixup. I love macaroons, and when I saw this new place I couldn't resist popping in and ordering two--praline and strawberry. The strawberry tasted like strawberry, but the praline tasted...well, I guess the best description is lemony. But when I had asked the man behind the counter what flavors there were, he did NOT say lemon.

                The macaroons themselves were ok. A little too sweet and wet, and the strawberry was almost neon in its pinkness. Definitely not as good as the amazing ones at Bouchon Bakery (their winter trio of chestnut, passion fruit, and blood orange is to die for).

              2. I was walking in the union sq area today and heading over to barnes and noble when i spotted this new place at the corner.. ofcourse i had to go in and check it out.. its very nice looking and everything in there looks enticing! i got the tuna salad sandwich on a sesame roll - $7.50 and a raspberry iced tea (which i dont really recommend.. too much color and not much flavor) $2.50
                their desserts look so cute and also yummy.. the tarts are definitely what i want to try next time... and the little brownies also look exciting..
                ill be back for a cappuccino with dessert
                it is a bit pricey but i give it a thumbs up for the european atmosphere and the cute little pastries
                the owners are from venezuela

                1. I tried a few pastries a couple of weeks ago. Solidly mediocre, everything was far too sweet and not flavorful enough. Financiers were sticky-sweet, but not almond-y.

                  1. I found Tisserie's chocolate croissant to be MUCH better than the one I had at Max Brennan.

                    1. I tried the lemon tarts, not bad, but overpriced. Further, tax was charged despite the fact they were taken out in a plastic box. I guess this is because food is prepared in the store.

                      1. had a really bad experience there...i want to like it, but the food had no flavor (tuna fish sandwich) and the bread had the taste of refrigeration...the service was nonexistant

                        1. A little overpriced, but I always buy there almond croissants and tiger eyes.
                          Fruit tarts are 4.25 in their booklet and in tisserie they charged me 5.50 :)

                          1. I noticed it was mentioned in this month's Gourmet magazine. So was Rosario's Pizza on Rivington Street, by the way.

                            1. I like miniature food (saves calories, right?), so the pastelitas (sic?) caught my eye. They are essentially miniature croissants, with a choice of sweet or savory fillings. I thought they were flaky and delicious. Chocolate was great, ricotta was very good - the turkey and cheese was rich but a little bit bland. Other small pastries also looked terrific, the espresso was good - I'm planning to go back and chow down some more - will report back!

                              1. I think the problem right now is inconsistency - they're still in baby stages and are always looking for help. If bakers are changing constantly, the product will never be the same.

                                Same goes for counter help. On my first visit it took about 10 minutes to figure out how to ring my sale up. Not good.

                                Tisserie is truly very promising; it just needs time to settle in. Give 'em time to find staff - both in the kitchen and at the register - who get the hang of things.

                                The croissants have been hit or miss but the mushroom quiche is AWESOME.

                                1. I tried the Leek and Truffle quiche with the salad and it was delicious. It was a bit chaotic but i think they will get their act together soon. Also all the soups come with these delicious cheesy toasts.for me at least its a nice change from Chopt everyday.

                                  1. The special pain au chocolat was very good-sort of a combination chocolate/almond croissant with sliced almonds and chocolate outside and almond paste mixed with the chocolate on the inside. Since they hail from Caracas, I believe, I brought home a pastelo like croissant with guava and creamcheese for Mrs. GG. Though not as good as the Cuban versions she grew up with, she said it was good. I also discovered that I don't care for passionfruit juice though I always like it in desserts or ice cream. Nice place but too many things with turkey. I think ham and croissants are a better combo.

                                    1. This place is not amazing, but not bad at all. I love the melted choc chip cookie (it's more like a brownie) but I get that all the time. The sweets are good and I like the variety.

                                      I have also eaten non-sweets there and that is just ok (pizza, sandwich, etc).

                                      But overall, I do like this place.

                                      1. I live close by. It is okay, nothing mindblowing, and very overpriced.

                                        1. Disappointing... I've been two times and the quiche has been gross both times (undercooked). Perhaps they do it on purpose, hoping to entice you with its creaminess, but in fact it's warm, partially-cooked and slimy raw eggs. And, the latte was terrible. How hard it is to screw up espresso and hot milk? I told the guy that it was weak and he kindly remade it for me, but it tasted exactly the same. There must be something wrong with the settings on their coffee machines. Plus, after I ordered, the counter guy sneezed without covering his mouth -- all over the pastries! Yum. It's way more original than Starbucks, but not worth the $10 I spent, and not up to my foodsnob par.

                                          1. This place rocks. Make sure to try the homemade hot chocolate, strawberry lemonade, and any of their various desserts. Couldn't be a happier customer!

                                            1. Tried the Tiger Eyes and the raspberry macaroon, the latter which was crispy and flakey outside and warm and chewy inside-very awesome initial experience. Will be back for more and will bring people. :)

                                              1. this place really isn't all that new, been there for almost a year i think. anyway, all i ever seem to get there consistently is their pain au chocolat which i think is really good. the other pastries look good, but haven't tried most of them. as for their sandwiches i was not impressed. weren't much better than sandwiches you'd get premade at like 7-11 or something. Their hot chocolate is pretty good too. overall i'd say stick with the sweets at this place.

                                                1. It's all very fine looking stuff, but none of it has much taste for some reason. Most of it's prefab looking, with just a nicer line of goodies then normal.

                                                  That said, I'm pretty sure they're just setting these up to be a chain catering to lunchtime crowds.