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Jul 12, 2006 07:12 PM

Tisserie on Union Sq.

There's a new place that opened recently in Union Square called Tisserie. I am wondering if anyone tried their stuff? I've heard their croissants are good but I don't know about the rest of their baked goods.

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  1. I really like the place. I had a turkey, swiss, alfafa and tomato sandwich on buttery onion bread shaped like a bagel and it was so good. The Spanish tortilla was also great, and it was very heavy and dense. My favorite thing by far was the almond coquito. mmmmm!!!! Amazing. The lattes/cappuccinos were very mild. Definitely give the place a try. It does get expensive, though. The combo of pastelitos and traditional French baked goods is great!

    1. I like it too. Had a turkey and swiss on a croissant that was good, although could have been a bit more crunchy. Nice fruit tart too. I'll definitely be back to try some more.

      1. I had lunch there today. It didn't really seem like they fully had it together yet, but does seem like it has the potential to be worthy of an occasional visit. Kinda pricey. Every dish seems to involve turkey -- though it is good. Meat diversification is in order. The croissant was kinda tough and not baked properly though, which is kind of important for a place like this. The fruit tarts are deliciously delicious. Other pastries looked amazing, and my guess is that the pastries will be the biggest draw. The seating balcony is nice for people and baker watching, although once the Whole Foods crowd gets wind, this place will be a madhouse. I'll check it out again in a month or so after they've ironed out the kinks...

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          I agree with you. They don't have it together yet, and they need more lunch options. It's a strange combination of savory items on offer, with a mediocre selection of sandwiches, and a daily menu (which is hard to even know about unless you spot it next to the registers) of much more expensive items ($13-$18) such as risotto or hangar steak, served on real dishes but with a plastic fork. That cracked me up.
          The quiche was good but almost cold even though I asked them to heat it.
          I tried a valhrona tart, and while the chocolate was rich and not too sweet, I felt that the crust was too thick, hard and sweet. It didn't seem like typical tart crust, although it could be a style I'm not familiar with.

        2. It so funny, I was just getting ready post a thread asking for help as to which patissirie I should try first, Tisserie or Almondine.

          Thanks for helping me make my mind up......Almondine, here I come!

          1. Thanks for your opinions. I will give it a whirl when I'm in the neighborhood.