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Jul 12, 2006 07:08 PM

baton rouge eats

We'll be in Baton Rouge for a week in August--we didn't pick the time. Business related. Any suggestions for good eats. also is it worth the ride to N'awlins.

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  1. jubans-cajun,mike andersons-seafood,alabasha-greek,mulates-cajun

    also-side trip

    plantation road(between new orleans & baton rouge}

    oak alley planation;
    nobles,b7c cajun deli,the cabin
    & nelson seafood

    see; frommers & fodors


    1. jubans is pretty good and so is mansurs. i'd stay away from mike andersons though, I prefer phil's oyster bar. Cafe Asia is top notch vietnamese, Rama is pretty good thai. The black forest downtown is good for german. The Chimes has good regional fare. If that is what you are looking for check them out and go buy Phil's their seafood is great

      1. Good recs so far. I'd add a few:

        Mandina's - a New Orleans resto that opened here after The Thing. Good "neighborhood" style New Orleans style seafood and italian.

        Brandt's Maisonette - fine dining in a small, intimate setting.

        Second that rec on The Chimes (casual near LSU) and Mansur's (fine dining on Corporate) - both great.

        Any specific types of food you're looking for? Lot's of Asian and Middle Eastern choices and a great Indian place too ("India's" on Essen Lane).

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          1. I'm biased, since I live in NOLA, but I think EVERYONE should come to New Orleans and take the disaster tour. You won't believe it - and while you're here, have a meal at Galatoire's, 7 on Fulton, Jacques-Imo's, the Palace Cafe, Vizard's on the Avenue, Cafe Adelaide, or any of our wonderful restaurants. It's definitely worth going out of your way by 80 miles!