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Jul 12, 2006 07:02 PM

Sushi in Redwood City?

I started working in RWC about three months ago, and all of my sushi attempts have ended in tears and bitter, bitter disappointment. The fish is mealy, and they all seem to offer only california rolls, tuna and yellowtail or maybe eel.I need to be able to walk to it-I work on Broadway next to the fox theater (right behind sequoia station.I am in a desperate way...any help?

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  1. Higuma on El Camino Real is pretty good. Nice lunch spot. I can't find the link but sushi monster posted an incredible listing of sushi restaurrants on the peninsula not too long ago.

    1. Here is the link to sushi monster's great list ... or do a chowhound search on "the big list" if your browser doesn't like the link ...

      1. I very strongly recommend Higuma. Although it's 4.5 blocks from your office, it is very much worth the trip. The two places that are on Broadway, in closer proximity to you, are both utterly skippable. And Yokayama (also on Broadway) is acceptable only if you can tolerate an abysmal, narrow selection of ho-hum standard fish.

        Higuma is a small, traditional sushi shop with a five-seat bar. On any given weekday there could be a line out the door any time after 12. In eight recent visits, I've never had anything but a high-quality experience. And in terms of value, my rolling average of $4.50 per nigiri plate is well below that of comparable quality shops on the Peninsula.

        In addition to the Big List referenced above, KK and I both posted detailed reviews of Higuma within the past few months. They're easily found by searching for our names and Higuma.

        I immodestly predict that your desire for quality sushi is going to force you into a car some lunch hour -- southbound to Menlo Park. (See the Big List for summaries of the three MP neighborhood sushiyas on El Camino -- Naomi, Akasaka and Koma.)

        Bon appetit!

        Sushi Monster

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          thank you! what a great list...I will be at Higuma tomorrow!

        2. One of these days, KK and I are going to walk into Higuma together and sit at the bar -- just to mess with the itamae's head. The two obsessive-compulsive nigiri eaters going head-to-head.

          Today at Yuzu in San Mateo, KK and I were at the bar and Arima-san did a double-take. "Waitaminute. Waitaminute! You two *know* each other!? How is that?"

          "Ah, it's hard to explain. It's kind of a secret society for sushi appreciation. Very loosely organized."

          For those of you keeping score at home (OK, I'm the only one keeping score at home), KK went omakase and I ordered for myself. I inhaled eight excellent plates for $55. And when the dust cleared, KK's tab was within a buck of mine. So the two of us for lunch (w/no drinks) were about $130-ish. The uni-masu (ocean trout) and the wild Alaskan sake (salmon) were both killer.

          1. Yeah but Arima-san took till the end of the meal to ask "you two know each other?" ;-)

            The alternative of heading south from RWC to Menlo Park, is to head north to San Mateo where you will get a few excellent options.