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Jul 12, 2006 06:52 PM

Buying a Pork Shoulder in South Bay Area


I'm visiting a friend in the south bay area (Redondo Beach) and would like to prepare a pork shoulder to christen his new Weber kettle. I've called about a dozen meat markets I found on Yahoo! Yellow Pages and have only found one place in Torrance that carries it and two other places that I can special order from. All three places quoted me over $2 a pound. I just find it a bit odd coming from NY, where I can get whole pork shoulders readily at any semi-ethnic supermarkets for under $1 a pound, that the whole pork shoulder is so illusive in this part of the left coast. Any leads would be appreciated as it would save me from freezing one and taking it on the plane with me.


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    1. re: FED

      Agreed... Along with being a great, inexpensive and popular cut among Hispanics, Mexican Markets have REAL butchers, so they often have WHOLE pork shoulder on hand. SO discovered this when we made porchetta. He went to Carneceria Sanchez on Inglewood and Culver and asked for a Shoulder Roast. They asked him if he wanted the top or bottm half of the shoulder. He said Top and they wrapped it all up for him... all 12lbs!! We're still working through that pork... next week Pork Fricasee... LOL!! :)


      1. re: Dommy

        I think all of the meat markets I called were all carnecerias. three of them told me they did not speak English and another two hung up on me telling me I've got the wrong number when I asked for a pork shoulder. My Spanish doesn't get me past asking if they have pernil... If they answer, I would have no idea how to repsond.

        1. re: nizzerbean

          Ack! So sorry you are having a hard time. :( First off, Pernil as 'pork shoulder' not a common in Mexican Spanish. I think it's more a Carribean description (Cuba, PR and DR). The words you hear more often here is Lomo (leg) or Hombro (shoulder) de cerdo.

          ETA Simple script:

          "Bueno! Tienen Hombro de Cerdo Entero?" (They say Yes) "Gracias" (Then you go pick it up)

          Also where are you coming from? Carneceria Sanchez is located right off the 90 (And have always wonderfully helped my SO who is pretty "Americano" as they come) Also, there is a Gigante right off the 405 on Century.

          Best of luck with the hunt!!


    2. Food 4 Less is selling Fresh Pork Shoulder Picnic Roast for only $0.78 per pound this week (July 12 -18, 2006).

      There is a Food 4 Less at Oceangate Avenue and Rosecrans Avenue, 2 blocks east of the 405, take the Rosecrans East Exit.

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      1. re: Norm Man

        That's fairly close. I looked on their website and found the weekly ad for that store but did not see the pork shoulder.

        Thanks everyone for your help. It looks less likely that I will be lugging a pork shoulder around the airport now!

        1. re: nizzerbean

          Nizzerbean, for some unknown reason, Food 4 Less' web site only lists Page 1 of its 2 page weekly ad (ads on front and back).

          I have the Food 4 Less ad in front of me (in my lap actually) as I type this message. The Pork Shoulder Special (Seventy-Eights Cents a Pound!) is on Page 2 of the ad in the "Fresh Meats" section. Note that the ad indicates the Pork Shoulders are sold in a "Twin Pack."

          Smart & Final is another option but the Smart & Final where I shop only sells Twin Pack Pork Butts (no skin) for about $1.49 a pound.

          1. re: nizzerbean

            OMG! Since you are flying in from LAX, you can pick up from the airport. The Gigante is right up the street from LAX. :) I thought you were originally from NYC, not actually COMING directly from NYC for this (That explains the Pernil thing... LOL!! ;)) ... How awesome! Have a great visit! :)

            Gigante Inglewood:



          2. re: Norm Man

            FYI, according to Yahoo Yellow Pages, the closest Food 4 Less to Redondo Beach is the Ocean Gate Avenue Branch:

            Food 4 Less
            14500 Ocean Gate Avenue
            (310) 644-1183

            Other Food 4 Less stores near Redondo Beach are:

            Food 4 Less
            851 West Sepulveda (near the 110)
            (310) 549-4870

            Food 4 Less
            1299 West Artesia Blvd
            (310) 768-3095

          3. Smart and Final carries fresh Farmer Johns shoulders / butts. I don't remember the price.

            1. If the Food for Less option doesn't work out, there's also the chain Jon's Marketplace, which should certainly have what you want. There's a store in Hawthorne, which should not be too far away.

              1. Dommy, Norm Man, JAB, Bob Brooks, thank you all. You people are awesome. I'm actually flying into Long Beach so I think I'll try hitting up Food4Less first. I land Friday night at 10 so I can stop by Food4Less first since they are open 24x7. I might try Jon's Marketplace as well if I can make it before they close at 11 (I just called to verify that they have them). If I don't find what I want, I'll have all of Saturday to track one down.

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                1. re: nizzerbean

                  Nizzerbean, the supply of packaged pork shoulders may be limited after 10:00 PM at Food 4 Less. You may want to consider calling Food 4 Less and have them reserve one package for you.