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Jul 12, 2006 06:50 PM

Houndworthy Barbecue in Fresno?

Stopped in at West Coast Barbecue in the gas station at Blackstone and Barstow yesterday.

I've never found any quality barbecue in this town, but this wasn't bad. They appear to be using a foodservice smoker from Southern Pride instead of the big beast they have parked outside, but it's okay. Had a pulled pork sandwich. Meat was tender, sauce wasn't cloying, slaw was good. I would have preferred more spice and a true 14-hour low-heat smoke, but I'll probably go back.

Any other Fresno hounds tried it?

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  1. I haven't tried West Coast BBQ, but was wondering if you had tried Allee Brand BBQ near Cedar and Herndon. My husband and I thought it was pretty good(for Fresno). I had chicken and I think my husband had the pork. Both of our meat was tender and juicy and they had a good selection of sauces to spice it up. The only thing is that they seem pretty expensive, a small chicken sandwich was $4.49 with no drink or sides. The plates start at around $10 with meat and two sides.

    Maybe a place you could check out?

    Allee Brand Bar-B-Q
    (559) 298-9227
    7141 N Cedar Ave
    Fresno, CA 93720

    1. Thanks for your query, jimctgc, don't recall this being addressed before, at least not recently. We rarely look for a BBQ place since my BIL and another close friend do such a stellar job in the backyard.

      That said, I've heard rumors of good stuff coming out of this dive on the south side of Kings Canyon just east of Cedar. There's a free standing Mexican place (with a green roof, iirc), maybe called Alejandro's. There's always smoke and good smells coming from an outside cooker next door.

      There used to be another similar setup outside just a little over a mile west on KC Blvd, again on the south side just west of First St. Seem to recall it was once a tire shop.

      I'll try and come up with some more details and/or alternatives.

      1. I enjoy Allee's BBQ, but I greatly prefer the location at the Galleria in downtown Fresno. [They have two.] Their hours are limited, but the atmosphere is better and so is the service. The owner is often there and the employees are very friendly.

        They have excellent brisket and pulled pork, very tender but not fatty. I like their sides, which really "make" a BBQ place for me, IMHO. The sweet potatoes are my favorite; they are big chunks cooked until fork tender, dripping in a butter cinnamon syrup.

        I agree with Glazebrookgirl that Allee's isn't cheap, but they generously give away coupons for $1-$2 off sandwiches and plates, and they almost always have specials. Their "one meat plate" with two sides and cornbread is about $7.50 w/o a coupon.

        1. It's been years, maybe decades, but I recall going to a place called Not Yo Mama's that had pretty tasty Q. It was on Blackstone and something, but what isn't?

          1. Does Sam's on Shaw still exist? Would you recommend it? It's been years since I've been there. I'd appreciate any comments.

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              They're still listed at 2785 W Shaw #107, (559) 228-8438. Closed Sundays.