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Jul 12, 2006 06:23 PM

Confused about where certain posts belong

I was reading the Not About Food thread and found a discussion on the rules for picnics in NYC parks moved from the NYC board. I didn't post to the thread so, I have no axe to grind. . . it's just that I try to post in the right place and I would certainly have posted that question in the NYC board. I know it's not exactly about food, but it is so location specific that the NYC board made more sense to me. Can you explain the reasoning? thanks.

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  1. The regional boards have a specific mission- to share tips on where to find delicious chow in that area. If it's not about finding chow, it's off topic for the regional boards- that's why we have a Not About Food board, for these almost but not really about chow questions.

    It's best in these situations to put your post on the correct board, and then to leave a "heads up" pointer on the regional board to alert local hounds to the discussion.