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Jul 12, 2006 06:07 PM

Urgent: AYCE Japanese in Mississauga

Hi chowhounds,

Just decided to have AYCE Japanese for dinner tonight, but have to trek to Mississauga to meet friends. Since I'm not from there, I don't know of any restaurants. I am looking for recommendations and prices please. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I don't think there are any good AYCE Japanese restaurants in Mississauga. The quality was so bad that I do not want to recommend any one to you.

    Do you really need AYCE Japanese? How about a la carte ones?

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    1. re: kaka

      The friends I'm meeting would like to have AYCE and unfortunately, they don't want to travel to Markham or Richmond Hill. Someone told me about a restaurant called Hon Ten Japanese (on Hurontario, around Hwy 10 & Eglinton) they went to recently. They enjoyed it, but I'm not sure what they consider good. $21.99 seems pricey to me for AYCE. Have you heard or been to it?

      1. re: pocky

        I have been to one Japanese restaurant for non-ayce in that plaza a long time ago. Can't remember if they have changed hands since then. May be it was the same one. The quality was so-so, price so-so, and nothing memorable.

        May be someone else can help you out on that restaurant. Just don't go to Umi Sushi if that name does come up on your list.

    2. AYCE sushi is an oxymoron. We're intent on disabusing you and your friends that cheap piles of sushi are bound to be bad news. Hon Ten is no big deal and not Japanese-run. Try Kumai up Hurontario near Britannia next time.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Okay, I am re-opening this post. From my original post, I think plans had changed so I never went to Mississauga for ayce japanese. Overtime, I've heard of a few places to check out: Prince of Sushi, Kobe, 168... looking for reviews and/or sugesstions for new places. Thanks!

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          1. re: pocky

            Momiji, it's near the Silvercity on Dundas and Winston Churchill.

            1. re: c_snapper

              thanks for the suggestion c_snapper. i'll have to try momiji one day, but a friend in the group suggested sushi 168 in brampton. i went there once awhile back, but was not impressed...maybe an off day. has anyone been lately?

              1. re: pocky

                There is one in Mississauga now - was the old Chinese Buffet on Dundas just west of Erin Mills beside Miga. It is pretty good - you order off the menu rather than go up to a buffet table. I think it is called Japan Buffet but is owned by Sushi 168.

                1. re: juliewong

                  They have changed, the sushi still has a good selection but the rest are so thin. The choices from the kitchen is so small and they tasted bad. The sashimi fish tasted the same because they have no taste at all, such bad quality of fish. They must be trying to cut corners and make some extra money.