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Perigee's reso policy?

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Have just booked a party of 6 for mid-Sept at Perigee and greatly looking forward to it!

BUT.....they charge a $50.00 a head deposit for a Saturday night. I know why and understand why but has anyone else ever heard of such a policy at any other restaurant. Has anyone else experienced a problem with the deposit being returned to them at the end of the meal?

Many thanks!

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  1. found out at a recent visit to perigee, that when you reserve a table, you have it for the night. whether you show up at 5:30 or 9. they do no turn over the tables therefore totally understandable that they require this deposit. they will likely apply it to your bill rather than return it to you i would think.

    1. i can't say for sure because my memory is a little shoddy... but as i have been there and i think i do recall them telling me that we needed a deposit, all they did was take down our info but not charge us. had we not shown up they would have charged it to whatever card # we left.

      i definitely paid the full amount on the bill without having to deal with complications regarding a deposit.

      service wise, one of the best experiences i've ever had in toronto.

      1. We went last winter, they did charge the deposit to our credit card but the night of the dinner they refunded the deposit to Visa before charging for the dinner, rather than apply deposit towards dinner....seemed a bit convoluted...... Also they DID have different seatings because we could not book for the time we wanted, consequently we were the last ones there which is not always the nicest ambience when you are trying to enjoy the last of your dinner and the open kitchen is getting shut down for the night and they are cleaning the floors LOL

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          Just to clarify their seating policy: Karen is correct -- they only seat one party per table, per night. But they do space out the reservations so that they don't have too many parties seated at once (so that they can provide the level of service they want to). So that is why you weren't able to book your preferred time.

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            I actually found that sort of entertaining - watching them clean up at the end of the night. It was all part of the experience for me.

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              Well I guess at those prices anything should be considered "part of the experience" LOL

          2. The Fifth used to charge a $50/head deposit. I believe they only authorize the charge but do not put it through unless you do not show up. I always payed cash and never had a problem with the credit card charge on the bill.

            Be happy that you are not in Los Angeles where Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills charges $200/head.

            1. I just made resos for 4 at Perigee earlier this week for the last Friday in July and they did not ask for a deposit. Seems odd that the policy is not universally applied... maybe its only for busy dates/Saturdays?

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                As far as I've heard it's Perigee, the Fifth and Splendido. Perigee charges a as a deposit, The Fifth and Splendido only charges if you cancel last minute or don't show.

              2. The deposit is worth the gastronomic adventure at Perigee. In the past, I have encountered requests for deposits (by VISA) on 'busy' nights at: Xacutti, Avalon (rest in peace), Sen5es, the 5th, Perigee. As I have always shown up, I have never been charged on my VISA for the deposit - only the expenses incurred for the eve.
                Just a suggestion that if you ask for a wine pairing (at any establishment) I would suggest expressing what wines/flavours you have enjoyed in the past to give a better indication to your sommelier of your GENERAL preference. I am in no way saying that one should dismiss the input of the somellier, just give them a hint as to your general likes. Enjoy!!

                1. I've never booked on a saturday night for a group. I've booked a few times for 2 on thursdays and a friday and they didn't ask for a credit card number.

                  However, I did book a dessert tasing for 10 on a thursday night and they asked for a $20/head deposit; I provided my credit card number but it was never charged.

                  1. I had a reservation for last Saturday and was not asked for a credit card.