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Jul 12, 2006 05:58 PM

Do you have a regular "rotation"?

By that I mean an established list of restaurants you frequent, some perhaps more than others, so that whenever a particular type of cuisine strikes your fancy, you have a number of options to choose from. For me it's:

Italian:Domenico's, Sorriso, Buca di Beppo, The Kitchen, Carmine's
Japanese(not Sushi):Yama, Hanashima, Mitsuyoshi, Sushi of Naples(the hot food is better there)
Sushi: Little Tokyo(San Dimas), Futami, Z, Kiyosuzu
Chinese: unfilled(used to be the old Tung Lai Shun, but we are now auditioning replacements - nothing has been outstanding, although Oriental Pearl has promise)
Pizza: Round Table. Numero Uno
Korean:Young Dong Garden
Seafood:McGrath's, Fish Company
Mexican:Rudy's, El Cholo, Rubio's
Steak:Boa, Nick & Stef's, Ruth's Chris
Teppan yaki:Kingswood
Shabu Shabu: Shaab

we also try new places on occasion, but it takes a strong performance for any of them to work their way into the "rotation". I believe Dumpling 10053 will join the list soon.

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  1. Pizza: Casa Bianca, Pizza Joe's in Altadena for delivery
    Steak: Ruths Chris, Arroyo Chophouse
    Mexican: Babita, Pueblas Tacos, El Gran Burrito
    French: Cafe Angelique
    Japanese: Yatsuhashi
    Burgers: Lee's Hoagie House, Cassells
    Italian: Colombo's
    Chinese: 888 seafood

    1. where is Yatsuhashi?

      I love Cassell's as well.

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      1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

        Italian (want to walk): Osteria Latinia, Pizzicotto, Pecorino
        Italian (drive): Il Pastaio, Enoteca Drago
        Japanese (sushi): Kiriko, Hide
        Burgers: Counter, Library
        Chinese: J.R. Seafood, or 45 minutes in the car
        Mexican: El Cholo, La Serenata
        Korean: Chosun galbee
        Japanese: Ramenya, Furaibo
        Pizza: Frankie and Johnnie's
        Lunch: CC Food Court, Clementine's, Mrs. Winston's, Vista Cafe, Gulfstream

        1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

          Little Tokyo. I go for Teppan. They also have a sushi bar, But I've not been.

        2. Chinese/Dumplings: Dumpling House
          Chinese/Shanghai: Seafood Village (RIP Juon Yuan)
          Chinese/Noodles: Dai Ho
          Chineses/HK: Sea Harbour, Triumphal Palace
          Taiwanese: QQ, SinBaLa
          Mexican: Babita, Yuca
          Steaks: Arnie Mortons
          Burgers: Pete's Cafe, Connal's, Pie N Burger
          Pizza: Tony's Pizza, Zelo's
          French: La Cachette
          Italian: Angelini Osteria, Drago
          Sushi: Ike, Sasabune, Komasa, Tenn, Gen, R23
          Seafood: Watergrill
          Breakfast/Brunch: One Pico

          Man, I eat too much ...

          1. Japanese: Sushi Gen, Hamakawa, Echigo, Blue Marlin, Place Yuu, Musha, U-Zen, Curry House
            Korean: Tahoe Galbi, Dae Sung Oak, Cho Sun Galbi, Hodori, BCD Tofu House
            Chinese: Ban Mu Yuan, Din Tai Fung, MPV Seafood

            Other: AOC, Cobras & Matadors, Tender Greens, Honey Kettles, Ford Filling Station, Mastro, Wilson, Bowery

            1. I've realized my family needs to learn to cook more often.

              Japanese(not Sushi):Japon Bistro, Sushi Roku, Tokyo Wako
              Sushi: Little Tokyo(downtown) - Sushi Gen, Sushi Go 55, Hamakawa; Z Sushi, Woomi Sushi
              Chinese: Full House, Golden City, Mr. Chopsticks, OceanStar, NBC, Seafood Village, Panda Inn, PF Chang's, DTF
              Korean: tofu restaurant in San Gabriel
              Seafood: McGrath's, McCormick's, Water Grill, Geoffrey's, Duke's, Paradise Cove Beach Cafe
              Mexican: Baja Fresh, El Pollo Loco
              Steak: Mastro's
              Italian: Macaroni Grill
              Pizza: CPK
              French or Cal/French: Melisse, LaCachette, Bel Air Dining Room, Ritz Carlton Huntington, Beaurivage(Med/French), Patina
              BBQ: BBQ Wood Ranch
              American/Californian: Greenstreet, Moonshadows, Spago, BJ's, Claim Jumper, Yardhouse
              Indian: Rhadika's
              Bakery/Cafe: Camille's, Surfas, Diedrich's, CoffeeBean, Starbucks, Peet's, Mi Piace, Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, JJ Bakery, Vanille Patisserie