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Jul 12, 2006 05:45 PM

Moving to Sheapshead Bay/Gravesend

Please recommend your favorite food stores (groceries, specialities) as well as restaurants in the area. I'm moving from Carroll Garden.


P.S. I've already tried and loved DiFara's pizza and Pho Vietnam's Pho.

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  1. Jay & Lloyd's Deli on Avenue U at East. 27th Street. Delicious food in a "heimishe" atmosphere-caring owners and staff.

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      Totonno's Pizza in Coney Island is great pizza as well....

    2. I spent most my life in Sheepshead Bay. I have a bunch of favorite places I still like to visit. A lot has changed since I've moved. They have a decent Japanese resturant where Lundy's is.
      Anthony's on Ave X and E 19th St (just off Ocean Ave) great Italian--get's busy early, Villa Bay on Ave Z off Ocean Ave and Bay Pizza (the one on Sheepshead Bay Rd near Voorhees) for decent pizza. Randazzo's on Emmons Ave for calamari, Maria's for more upscale Italian, Roll & Roster for great roast beef sandwiches (both on Emmons Ave also), Sahara on Coney Island Ave (for good Mediteranian), Rasputin (on Coney & X ) and National (Brighton Beach Ave for Russian. I haven't been to Carolina & Garguilo's in Coney Island so I don't know if they're still good. There's always Nathan's. L&B Spumoni Gardens on Ave X off 25th Ave. There's also this really good cafeteria like place on Ave U a few blocks away from McDonald Ave.

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        Villa Bay-sorely missed-has been out of business for almost two years. Carolina's is now a Chinese buffet.

      2. i grew up in manhattan beach so ill try my best though mrs t definitely gave you a ton of stuff to work with. ill mention the amazingness of john's deli on stillwell and 86th street. they have amazing sandwiches. people love their roast beef...i like it a lot but their gravy looks like black paint...very salty. their chicken parm and riceballs and everything else they sell is just excellent. lionis in further in dyker heights but has amazing smoked mozzarella and sandwiches...

        retro 50s diner off the belt parkway right by home depot is my favorite diner. open 24 hours, cleaner than most, and always reliable for diner food. kings plaza diner isnt a bad option as well. i still think brennan and carr on nostrand and ave u is great but probably because my grandparents used to take me there growing up. adelmans deli on kings highway on 18th street or so is probably my pick for kosher deli but jay and lloyds is decent. i like their noodle pudding.

        for chinese take out, i think peking kitchen on nostrand and ave Y is the cleanest and best. thats about all i can think of at the moment.

        1. Wheeler's on Sheepshead Bay Road. Been there for 20 yrs + and has good bar food if that's what you're in the mood for.

          Jimmy's hero, also on SB Road, has declined in the last few years IMO. I think it was sold a # of years ago - used to be the stand by for a good consistent hero. Bassett's on X makes a decent sandwich, and it was rather large the last time we went.

          Avoid El Greco - you'll be thankful that you did.

          Momo Yama - the Japanese restaurant in Lundy's - does have good sushi and a hibachi table that's done in the kitschy Bennihaha style.

          Supposedly there is a really good Turkish restaurant on Emmons Ave. near the Dunkin Donuts. One of their specialties is grilled fish. I don't remember the name, just curious if anyone has been?