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Anybody like Beauty pizza in Cambridge?

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We're tired of our local place and Beauty delivers. What do hounds think of it? If not Beauty, what pizza (other than Emmas) do folks like that delivers to Cambridgeport?

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  1. I don't know if they deliver to Cambridgeport, but I have had some decent pizza delivered from Di Mio:


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      I don't like DiMio either. Over priced, lacking in flavor... maybe it is the sauce.

      It is kind of stange that there aren't many good pizza places in Cambridge.

      I used really like Cambridge One but I was served one too many soggy pizzas.

      Hands down, Upper Crust is my favorite (these days)...

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        Not quite Cambridge, but Urban Gourmet in Ball Square is quite good (usually, they occasionally have off nights where the pizza is really greasy). Alex Pizza in the space formerly known as Out of the Blue (382 Highland, Davis) has been good the couple of times we've gone. Both of these are mostly take out/delivery but I doubt they do Cambridgeport.

        (edited to correct brain fart as pointed out in post below)

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          Erm, that's actually the space formerly known as "Out of the Blue" - and Dolly's before that. I thought Alex Pizza was okay, nothing extraordinary.

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            Urban definitely does not deliver to Cambridgeport - but it's my favorite pizza in the area. You're right about the grease though. Their urban cowboy pie and city slicker pie are both excellent. Not an Italian style pizza by anymeans - a thicker, crispy crust not unlike a tarte crust in density.

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              urban gourmet had a fire a couple of months ago. it says "we will be open soon" on the plywood covering the burned out windows, but it's said that for a while, so what "soon" means is anyone's guess

        2. I am not a fan of Di Mio Pizza. For delivery I like Dial a Piza. It is cheap and good.

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            I'll give you cheap but I think Dial a Pizza is gross.

          2. Dial-A-Pizza is what we used to get when we were freshmen in coolege and were bored and drunk. Something like $8.99 for two medium cheese pies. But aren't they sort of greasey and cardboardy? I recall very, very low quality.

            What don't you like about Di Mio, David?

            1. strange. THey have the only delivery pizza I like In cambrisge. THe crust is always good and the sauce is tasty and I never found it to be greasy. However I am vegetarian so maybe adding meat changes things.

              I just don't enjoy the taste of Di Mio. I much prefer Emma's for thin crust gourmet pizza but they don't deliver.

              1. I like Beauty's -- nice people, fresh ingredients, and a great selection of topping combos... good tuna sub too!

                1. I've posted a few times in praise of Beauty's. I haven't tried their whole wheat crust yet, but we have been consistently satisfied with the regular. Family favorites include the bella carbonara-a white pizza with bacon, sausage, ham, red onion and sweet red pepper, Bombay Beauty-chicken curry pizza, and BBQ chicken, though every order we make would also include a classic pie as well. Despite the "glamorous" toppings, I think the people at Beauty's have an uncommon commmitment to getting the basics right; they really care about the quality of their food. Salads are good. Haven't tried the sandwiches. They do many specials by email.

                  1. The address of Beauty's looks like it should be next to MuLan (the Taiwanese place, fka Pho Lemon) and the Dunkin' Donuts. Where did they squeeze it in? Is the DD gone? (I thought those never went out of business.)

                    1. Beauty's is, indeed, right between MuLan and the Dunkin Donuts, wedged into the corner of the parking lot more or less. It's a Greek pizza place, so I can imagine Italian purists taking exception, and it's not nearly as upscale as Emma's around the corner.

                      That said, though, I really like Beauty's, particularly Greek Beauty and Beauty's Best. I like the whole-wheat crust, myself, but my wife feels that it calls a little too much attention to itself. I haven't had more than a quarter of their specials, but so far I've liked everything. And they have online ordering and you get increasing discounts if you order online regularly.

                      I'm less taken with their subs and salad, which so far have seemed kind of ordinary to me. But I haven't covered much variety there.

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                        Ah, it must be in the space that used to be a dry cleaner.

                      2. Beauty's pizza is just ok - or at least it was a few months ago, fresh ingredients but boring presentation - but their baked subs are good. The eggplant sub tastes like they use real romano. They can take a while to make, so walking in can be a pain (and there's no seating); however, ordering ahead online is really easy. www.beautys-pizza.com

                        1. I am addicted to Beauty's Margherita with capicola. I love the thin crust, and their judicious amount of cheese makes it a really balanced and thoroughly yummy pizza. Don't forget the arugula salad. The dressing is great.

                          1. I also like Beauty's Pizza, and I am not a pizza fan at all (I'm ok with never eating pizza again). I think it's because I found their toppings to be fresh, and offered a nice variety as well. I am veggies pizza person when I must eat pizza (ie, coworkers insist on ordering it for meetings), and Beauty's has some nice combinations.

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                              I also like Beauty's. It is easy to order - and I even use it for work, and use our tax-exempt status.
                              My favorite is the eggplant - breaded, lightly fried (or baked?) and very meaty.

                            2. Not sure if either of these places delivers to Cambridgeport, but you should try the Paddock and Caffe Rossini. I think the Paddock pizza is superior, but Rossini is pretty good and may have larger delivery area. I live on the north side of Inman Square (in Somerville, but just barely) and both places deliver to my address. Can't hurt to try. Both are thin, crisp crust, with good selection of ingredients. Rossini is more gourmet and Paddock more traditional.