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Jul 12, 2006 05:13 PM

Anybody like Beauty pizza in Cambridge?

We're tired of our local place and Beauty delivers. What do hounds think of it? If not Beauty, what pizza (other than Emmas) do folks like that delivers to Cambridgeport?

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  1. I don't know if they deliver to Cambridgeport, but I have had some decent pizza delivered from Di Mio:

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    1. re: mhoffman

      I don't like DiMio either. Over priced, lacking in flavor... maybe it is the sauce.

      It is kind of stange that there aren't many good pizza places in Cambridge.

      I used really like Cambridge One but I was served one too many soggy pizzas.

      Hands down, Upper Crust is my favorite (these days)...

      1. re: Seconds Please

        Not quite Cambridge, but Urban Gourmet in Ball Square is quite good (usually, they occasionally have off nights where the pizza is really greasy). Alex Pizza in the space formerly known as Out of the Blue (382 Highland, Davis) has been good the couple of times we've gone. Both of these are mostly take out/delivery but I doubt they do Cambridgeport.

        (edited to correct brain fart as pointed out in post below)

        1. re: DavisSquare

          Erm, that's actually the space formerly known as "Out of the Blue" - and Dolly's before that. I thought Alex Pizza was okay, nothing extraordinary.

          1. re: DavisSquare

            Urban definitely does not deliver to Cambridgeport - but it's my favorite pizza in the area. You're right about the grease though. Their urban cowboy pie and city slicker pie are both excellent. Not an Italian style pizza by anymeans - a thicker, crispy crust not unlike a tarte crust in density.

            1. re: DavisSquare

              urban gourmet had a fire a couple of months ago. it says "we will be open soon" on the plywood covering the burned out windows, but it's said that for a while, so what "soon" means is anyone's guess

        2. I am not a fan of Di Mio Pizza. For delivery I like Dial a Piza. It is cheap and good.

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          1. re: David_A

            I'll give you cheap but I think Dial a Pizza is gross.

          2. Dial-A-Pizza is what we used to get when we were freshmen in coolege and were bored and drunk. Something like $8.99 for two medium cheese pies. But aren't they sort of greasey and cardboardy? I recall very, very low quality.

            What don't you like about Di Mio, David?

            1. strange. THey have the only delivery pizza I like In cambrisge. THe crust is always good and the sauce is tasty and I never found it to be greasy. However I am vegetarian so maybe adding meat changes things.

              I just don't enjoy the taste of Di Mio. I much prefer Emma's for thin crust gourmet pizza but they don't deliver.

              1. I like Beauty's -- nice people, fresh ingredients, and a great selection of topping combos... good tuna sub too!