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Jul 12, 2006 05:12 PM

Cheap Breakfast/Coffee Shops near MSG

Later this summer we will be staying at a hotel in the Madison Square Garden area. I know it is not a great area for food (but I am not looking for a "destination" least not in the morning).

What I am looking for are your semi-divey coffee shops where you don't feel like you HAVE to eat, but where they used to have those 2 eggs and toast-specials and free coffee refills (for some ridiculously cheap $1.99). These places used to be everywhere, but the last time, we ended up looking all over the place for a breakfast joint. It was mainly for my friend, but most of the places were a little too Frou Frouey. (Did they all get bought out by Starbucks and the Olive Garden?)

After all, I don't like to blow my calorie allotment on breakfast, especially when there is so much great food in NY that I cannot get in Philly (but I seem to be alone in that assessment). Therefore a good old-school coffee place is a good thing to to know about so I don't have to spend hours looking for one. Also, close to Madison Square Garden (like 8th Avenue or so) is ideal.

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  1. There is (or recently was) a deli in Penn Station that offered a choice of 2 eggs on a roll or 2 eggs w/potatoes and toast for $0.99. You can take it to go, or they have a few tables in the back. It is on the LIRR level (the lower level), somewhere between K-Mart and Starbucks. If they're still offering the special you'll find it by the line of people waiting to get it.

    1. Check out the Cosmic Coffee Shop at 132 W 31st Street near Penn station. The stereotypical "greasy spoon" but quite clean and the breakfasts are great. they have some specials for less than $5 but the portions are nice. Look for the neon sign. Definitely not Starbucks.